Saturday, July 2, 2011

Isn't Neglect Enjoyable?

I wonder if I can revive this. Hey, it's only been a year right? Why not :)

Well, almost a year. I made it back before August 12th so it still counts! Okay so here's the plan. I miss this blog dearly and wish to return and actually keep up with regular posting, despite my flaky past. So like an ex-boyfriend returning from the years of braces I wish to continue our relationship and pretend as though nothing happened. This meaning I will begin to post regularly again and we'll all refrain from judgement. Got it? Good ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My summer's almost over :( I'm a little disappointed because I think this year has been my favorite. All I did was relax and party and hang out with people that I never get to see. I am a little depressed though. Oh well. Junior year should be fun :) I have to get pumped! So here are the reasons I should be hella pumped for junior year.

Reasons That Going Back To School Will Not Suck
1. All of my friends and the new ones I'll be making
2. Salsa on the Square with my friends when I get back!...hopefully x)
3. My birthday is in 13 days! :)
4. My Super Sweet Moulin Rouge 16th birthday is in 16 days :)
5. The constant amount of plays I'll be in
6. More partying with my friends
7. My liscense
8. I'm officially allowed to date my boyfriend! Like a normal person! YES!
9. One word. Prom :)
10. All the items on my Bucket List for me to check off...

You know what? Maybe I shouldn't be bummed that summer is over. It's just a new beginning :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 2 am Everybody!

Yep. It's two am. And I have a lot to do tomorrow.
Funny how I've already made more progress than I typically do if I have a full night's rest.
Seriously though, I'm forcing myself to go into super working mode. I don't have that much summer left (sheds tear) and I need to cram in work and fun if I want to have fond and wonderful memories. But unfortunately business is first.
NUMBA 1. I must beg my mother to let me sleepover at Adrienne's on Friday due to the fact I need out of this house and I love and miss that girl
NUMBA 2. For AP summer reading I have to summarize a New Yorker and Washington post article and begin my essay on Henry David Thoreau's Walden. (Which if any of you have read, a synopsis would be nice)
NUMBA 3. (Annoyed with my spelling yet? :) Scour my room for things that are useless to me that I can give to charity
NUMBA 4. Memorize my lines for Metamorphoses so I'm set when I get back to school
NUMBA 5. Detirmine exactly how this 16th birthday of mine is going to work.
NUMBA 6. Make banana bread. AND CAKE because I've been craving that forever
NUMBA 7. Pray for a happy end to summer

You know, I should really probably get some sleep

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Mighty Yogurt Man

My house has been overrun and terrorized by two not-so-small children and a carton of KeyLime yogurt.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not Over Yet :)

As you can tell from my pictures, I have been having a busy and utterly amazing summer :) I got back from New York three days ago and I haven't stopped until today. Friday I had to clean up everything we left during vacation as well as grab lunch with my best friend and hug attack my boyfriend after two weeks of being away. Yesterday was waking up, getting dressed, jumping in the car with my boyfriend and riding in the back of his dad's 1951 Ford pickup for a parade through Hamilton. I'm sunburned like crazy x) We stopped, grabbed McDonald's and hung out in a cafe until his mom drove me to Rachel's where I changed clothes, shot the breeze with her (and her dad for that matter) and sped off to grab ice cream before going to see a few of our friends in Children of Eden. Amazing show by the way, if you get a chance to see it, do so. Anyway after this her and I sped over to Waffle House and talked about my trip and gossiped. I left at one in the afternoon and got home at eleven. Wonderful day :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Imma G Imma G Imma Imma Imma G :)

Guess who just planned one of her friends' suprise birthday party OUT OF NOWHERE?!
Alexx did!
Yeah, me and my friend Rannie have been planning a suprise party for our friend Craig off and on and we just realized it was Friday and we hadn't done anything other than invite people. And in under an hour while talking to her we just choreographed an entire plan for Friday. Oh yeah ;)
Though Rannie has busted her ass on this way more than me. Everyone have a round of applause for Rannie please. Yes, I know you're at your computers, clap for her anyway. She is also a G. We're hoping to be the suprise party duo in the future :)
In other news, I'm aware of my lack of blogging skills. Again. I think the Blogger community should come together as one and flog me. I truly do love my blog, but I'm so busy all the time it's crazy.
So let's see, recent news. I am out for the wonderful hiatus known as summer vacation. Which is quite relaxing, yet amazingly hot at certain times. I attempted to walk around the neighborhood were my boyfriend lives, but halfway home we called his mom to come and save us before we died of heat stroke. Because we're such enduring children like that :) Though in our defense we did make it all the way to a shopping center by his house! He bought me a panda :)
Oh and I crossed #96 on my Bucket list! I CONQUERED MY FEAR OF ROLLER COASTERS! :D Last month my school took all the kids who passed the OGTs to Kings Island and I BECAME A RIDE WARRIOR.
I rode Diamondback, the biggest coaster in the park.
WIN :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

6 Months Today

My boyfriend and I have officially put up with each other for half a year now :)
I hate to be the girl to gush over her boyfriend or make a big deal about anniversaries, especially ones that aren't even technically anniversaries. But Wren is my first boyfriend and I'm usually the strict "I don't need a man" feminist that I'm proud to be.
But I also like my boyfriend a whole lot and I'd like the excuse to be a little girly. :)
So yeah, six months ago today I started dating Wren. I was really wary at first because I'd never had a boyfriend before, but he was really funny and really nice so I gave it a shot. Six months later I'm glad I did :) He came over earlier today and we walked around my neighborhood and watched part of Anastasia. Nothing all that special. But it was okay because I was with him.
Though we did get each other gifts. Mine was lame of course. We have an inside joke involving pandas and since I can't drive I gave my friend some money and sent her to Hot Topic to get a panda sticker, button and some Pop Rocks. I thought it was a decent gift.
But he's adorable.
He eventually got me to admit my gift to him because he's a ho like that, but I only let him give me hints about it. Because I am a GOOD child who doesn't pry people for what they got her.
I hope he reads this ;)
Anyway, he told me I had his gift already, but he wanted to make it special. I had absolutely no idea what he could have possibly gotten me, but today he made me close my eyes and set a orange bag with green tissue paper in my lap. He gave me permission to open it and I plucked the green paper out and dug for my gift.
Inside was a really beautiful hardback journal with a flower on the clasp. Which would have been amazing on it's own, I almost blushed just out of the fact he remembered I liked to write so much. "Oh my God," I said, completely contented with my gift.
"Wait," he said undoing the clasp and flipping the book open to the first pages. He had pictures of us on the inside of the front cover :) He flipped to the back and there were even more. I gave him a huge hug.
Aw yeah. My boy does pretty well for himself :)