Sunday, March 29, 2009

Attempting to be productive at 2 o'clock in the morning

Ugggggggh. Well it is officially 2:03 Eastern standard time and in about...oh give or take three and a half hours, I have to get up and go to my first day back at school after spring break. Yeah. This is about the time of night that I start to regret my sugar intake over the past week.

So let's review my activities shall we? I flipped through my library books for about an hour, snuck downstairs, finished watching the last half of Evening (Which I thought was very well written, I especially liked the bittersweet ending) and I'm currently watching Planet Earth's Jungle episode as I'm attempting to come up with something to blog about...

Well I do have one idea.

One of the library books I was thumbing through upstairs is a book called Life Lists for Teens and on page...I think it was 77...oh screw it let me check. Nope. 187. I'm a genius. :P Anyway, the list is 10 Myths about Teens-and how to set the record straight. It's an interesting list and I think Life Lists for Teens has the right idea about what I should do about it.

Let's start at the beginning shall we?

#1. Teens can't handle the responsibility, or complex and serious issues like sex, drugs, death, or illness.

Really? Oh. So then why is it that according to Bridget Grant, chief of the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biometry at the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism alcohol abuse is greatest amongst 30-60 year-olds? Also why is it that more than half of the prescription drug abusers in the this country (56% of them) are 18 or older? I do believe that all of these are tough issues, but it doesn't particularly appear that adults are handling them much better than their children.

#2. All teenage girls are boy crazy.

Okay, have you ever heard that story on the news about an older female teacher having 'inappropriate relations' with a younger male student of hers? You know what I think every time I hear that story? I wonder why the hell an older educated woman like herself would have ever been interested in a teenage boy when I'm a girl in their age group and I don't find half of them attractive.

#3. Teens can't form a complete, like, sentence.

Hello. My name is Alexxandra. I am 14 years old. I heard you did not believe I could form a complete sentence. Is this true? :)

#4. Every new interest you decide to explore is 'just a phase'.

You know I'm pretty sure something along those lines was probably told to a fifteen-year-old boy around the year 1896 when he picked up a paintbrush to try his hand at art. You know what his name was? Pablo Picasso.

#5 All teens believe the world revolves around them. Their favorite words are 'me', 'mine', and 'I'.

Recently at my school we were struck with the tragedy of the brutal murder of a 7th grade girl who played cello and was involved in choir at SCPA. Someone I'm acquainted with, who is a sophomore was incredibly touched by the news and was sobbing hysterically when he learned the news. Once it had set in, he went down to our library and made cards to put on her locker.
I found out later that he'd never met the girl in his life.

#6 Teenage girls are either rolling their eyes, snapping their gum, or flipping their hair.

I swear on my life that I am a healthy fourteen year old girl and my eyes are currently on the computer screen, my fingers are on the keyboard away from my head, and I haven't had a piece of gum in a week. Really. I promise.

#7 All teens have a telephone glued to their ear at all times.

This has become less true as technology has progressed. With the development of networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and the texting crazy, nearly every teenager I know would rather tighten their braces by hand before they'd call someone.

#8 All teenage guys have raging hormones.

Okay I do unfortunately agree with this...well not really. Just MOST of them. You can't apply something to ALL teenagers. :)

#9 All teens are troublemakers and juvenile delinquents.

Katie Simon is a sixteen-year-old Boston native. When she learned about the human atrocity that is the global sex trade, she held a garage sale and raised $6,500 for an organization whose goal is to put an end to trafficking. But she didn't feel that was enough.
The charity Katie created, known as Minga, has raised over $51,000 to help fund a home for formerly abused girls and helped build a rehab center for exploited children in the Philippines.

You were saying?

#10 Your biggest problem is figuring out what to wear
Well duh! It's not like our ultra sensitive hormones have to worry about relationships, or being liked, or if anyone's talking about you, or if you can keep up with your school stuff, or if you parents think you're a delinquent, or if your friends really like you, or if you're good enough.
Look, not only are at the one stage in our lives when we've been asked what our plan is, we're facing our life and trying to figure out our plans while puberty has got us drunken on hormones.
What are we NOT worried about!?!?

Just wanted to set those straight.

(Oh and by the way, I know the title of this blog and the actual posting time that's going to come up, contradict themselves. This isn't because I'm lame enough to lie to you about the time that I blog. This is simply because I almost fell asleep halfway through this post last night X) Just thought I'd let you know.


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  2. "#8 All teenage guys have raging hormones.

    Okay I do unfortunately agree with this."

    Awe come on you can't agree with that... That is not always true. It should be:

    #8 Most teenage guys have raging hormones.

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