Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I get excited by simple things, please bear with me X)

As a girl who has never reached a farther measurement on a height chart than 5'1, I am well aware of the predujices against short people. We are the silent suffers of discrimination because we cannot do things tall people can do such as reach the Lucky Charms on the top shelf at the grocery store. We are the butt of many short jokes as well as the ones who must wear the four inch stilletos, not because they are a fashion statement (Though, not to brag, but I do consider my purple snakeskin pumps to be the envy of rock and roll groupies everywhere :) but because they make us normal height. And with so many admirable people having normal to above average heights, it's annoying to have to look for role models with a height of under 5'4.
Well today I recieved news of a triumph for short people everywhere.
Drew Barrymore, 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, Riding in Cars Drew Barrymore, is short :)
Today at the Taft Muesuem of Art in Cincinnati I was lucky enough to see their exibit known as Fashion in Film where the mueseum showcases various dresses from movies such as Titanic, Dangerous Liasons, and Elizabeth the Golden Age. Though all of the dresses were exquisitely beautiful, and ornately decorated my favorite one was the one shown at the beginning of the exibit, an embrodiered grey gown with a single interesting trait that set it apart from all the rest...
The wings attached to the back of it.
Upon reading facts about the dress on at plaque below the gown it became clear to me that this was the exact dress worn by the Drew in the ballroom scene in Ever After. And I have something to report.
The dress wasn't much bigger than me :)
So short people of the world, I would like to report, she's barely 5'4.

I do not know why that made me so happy, but it did X)

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