Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go see Slumdog Millionare NOW. Do not question. Just go :)

Hey sorry I lacked to blog yesterday :P I was in Ludlow the entire day. It was a lot of fun. I blew about seven dollars on bumper stickers for the walls in my room.But hey it's worth it! They all said crazy liberal stuff like KILL YOUR TELEVISION and Draft SUV Drivers First and I FINALLY got my Coexsist sticker, that has that word, but written like it's made out of all the different religious symbols. But my favorite is this smaller one that's white and red and says Eat Organic. My dad is against any form of food movement, including the vegan movement, vegitarian movement, and especially the organic movement, because he says the food is overpriced, and not properly pasturized, and unnessary...
Therefore, it's going on the back of his pickup :)
And my mom and I ate in this really interesting and awesome coffee shop with all these crazy statues and stuff on the wall and this chocolate cake and expresso ice cream that the Pope would have sold himself to the devil for. By my favorite part about the place was the quote it had written around the border of the ceiling. And I probably looked like an idiot, but I think I managed to get it all down.
It said something like this.

Revelry-chairs root. Their hearts are runged with snow. Curtains grow velvet thick,
Like bark, in this warm landscaperinged with dark.
Is passion only revelry?
Our voices believe words and move free. Lust warms our lips.
Blood moves our skin, we bend alive around cup and cloud.
These are the hours we revel in.

I think I understand it, and I really adored how flowing and poetic it was. You should have seen how weird I looked craning my neck around the room to scribble it onto my little notepad X)

Next, we went to go see Slumdog Millionare at this little independent theatre called The Esquire. Both of us had wanted to see it for a long time and since it won best picture, now we decided we were sort of required to.

Oh my God.

The movie was well written, and the acting was incredible, and it was filmed in a very interesting artistic way, but I couldn't move when the credits came up. Second only to The Dark Knight, (And I'm even debating that right now) it was easily the most intense film I've ever seen. I mean I recomend it highly, I definitely think you should go see it...but it isn't for the faint of heart. There's no gore and no sex, but something about it...probably that fact the the violence you see if very cruel and involves children for the first half of the movie. But it's an incredible movie. The poster will be mine the second I see it :)

So after two hours of emotional disturbance, we picked up my two little cousins and came home and spent the rest of the night watching Disney movies. Yes. We went from Slumdog Millionare to Lilo and Stitch within a matter of hours. How's THAT for broad taste? :)

But the best part of the day was around eleven o'clock when the youngest one of my cousins, who's only barely a year old, fell asleep. My dad offered to take me to White eleven o'clock at the rain :) So I stole his enormous, but cozy Yellowstone hoodie and dawned my Knoff's hat I got in Adam's County and hopped into the shotgun seat in the front of our red pickup. So we sped off to White Castle and I sat there in my hat, hoodie, and Happy Bunny pajama pants (which would soon be accompanied by a mouth full of slyders) and reviewed the independent film I'd seen that day for my father.

I am SO cool :)
Hey I love art, and culture, and coffee shops with every vibrating fiber within my soul, but hey, I proudly (And publicly XD ) display
the broad stroke of hillbilly I've got in me :)

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