Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love this.

Hey I was screwing around on urban dictionary and found this random definition of an indie girl.

Indie Girl

To tell you the truth, there's really no definition of an indie girl. Being "indie" is a state of mind--not a fashion statement. There's no way to be an indie girl. You just are. If you happen to be a girl and you listen to independently produced music, watch independent movies, and if you stray away from anything mainstream then, yeah, you're an indie girl. Indie girls don't indentify themselves as indie and they most definitely do not shun other people because of their tastes in music/movies/clothes/etc. Indie girls don't just listen to music because it's indie. Indie girls don't shun music because it's not rock. That's stupid. Indie music could be anything. Rock, rap, folk, anything. That's it, I guess.
You're not an indie girl if you have to say it.

I just really hope I can be described as this one day. :)

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