Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a purple T-shirt and old skinny jeans type of day

Everything seems to be moving so slow. I got out of bed at 1 o'clock today and as nice as that was, it kinda feels like I slept away the day. Oh well, I guess I AM on spring break. Still though, even though I'm a teenager, it sucks to feel like you're lazy.
In other news, I finally mailed in the information Destination Broadway needed from me. So it's official! I'm going to New York!!! Whooooooooo! For those of you who don't know, Destination Broadway is this summer camp in midtown Manhattan where kids ages 8-18 go to learn different dancing, acting, singing, and audition technique to help them when they enter acting's professional world. There are only about 140 spots and kids across the country audition for it...
And I'm going to New York the week of July 12th. :D
I really don't know how I got in, but I'm extremely excited and pretty nervous. I mean a lot of the kids have a lot more dance experience than me and I don't know if everyone's going to be accepting and loving and funny like at my school or if their going to be crazy, narcissistic, sociopaths who will stop at nothing to ruin another person. I REALLY hope their not. And I don't think they will be. Because I thought that people at my school would be like that, but SCPA is really the most loving place I've ever been in my life. I really hope every artist has a place like that. Anyone who feels a need to grow creatively and make friends along the way deserves to have access to that much love and knowledge.

Hey any of you who are into art and live in my area should check it out!
Just go to
And if you're into performing arts and you don't live in my area, (and even if you do) and you want to audition for an opportunity to go to New York, you should look at Destination Broadway too!

Okay I'm done working as an advertiser now X)

It looks like it's going to be a rainy day in Cincinnati. That's okay though, because I actually really like rain. I'm gonna go make some tea and listen to some music. I'm relaxing today :) Arrivederci bloggers!


  1. Sounds like fun :) I hope everything works out well and you have a good time there. I wish i could go to New York that one place i have always wanted to go... Well anyways is there any way we can talk like IM or something? it would be nice to have someone to talk to a bit...

    Aim: Kevindolin2
    Yahoo: Kevindolin2

  2. wow, going to NY sound so fun! share something with me after that ;P


  3. Haha, I will :) And thanks Kevin! And I don't have IM :( I'm sorry.