Monday, March 30, 2009

Silver lining :)

Today was not very fantastic :P I have never been that scared because of a sickness. Or as happy that my friends are who they are.
Okay, it started out like a normal day, my dad drove me to school, I got all my stuff at my locker and I was waiting outside first bell talking to a couple people I haven't seen since we were let out for spring break. That's when it started. This dull pain started in my stomach, but I just thought it was a small stomachache or something (I used to get them all the time when I was a kid), but soon it got to the point where I balled up my hoodie and decided to lay down in the hallway. When Mrs. Anderson opened up the door to Biology, I managed to get up and walk, but I put my head back down on the table the second I got to my seat. I'd dug around in my pack for my bottle of Advil a few minutes before I came into the classroom, so I just figured I'd lay my head down until it took effect. But that's when the problems started. My friend Emma came over to ask me if I was all right...
And it was a fight to get up my head and look at her.
I dropped my head back down the second I could. That's when I realized there was no way in hell I was going to be able to get through first bell. And no matter how much it hurt, I had to get up and get to the nurse. But when I stood up something happened that has never happened to me before.
I blacked out.
Since it's never happened to me and my stomach was throbbing by then, stumbling over to the door where my teacher was was NOT a fun experience. But somehow I made it, but I still held onto the wall like it was the only thing between me and the Manson family. My head started to feel airy and my words kind of stumbled out of my mouth, which got me weird looks from my teacher, who already thinks I'm stupid enough.
"Mrs. Anderson can I go to the nurse?"
*mumble mumble*
"I said yes! Just go!" As you can tell my Biology teacher cared deeply about the health of her students :P
It hurt to walk. I wobbled the few feet down the hallway that I could, but couldn't keep myself up and any longer and fell against the post that was at the turn in the staircases. I had no clue how I was going to get to the nurse. I was about to cry at this point, because of the pain and the fact I didn't think I would get help for it when the one good thing that happened today took effect.
"Alexx?" Was that voice from the inside of my head? "Alexx? Honey are you okay?"
No it wasn't. I knew that voice belonged to one of the very loving best friends of mine Rachel Peters.
"You don't look so good." God I knew that voice too. Was the Deidra? It sounded like her. But my head and vision and hearing was too blurry to know for sure.
"I'm really sick," were the only words I could get out. "I gotta...get to the nurse."
"Okay, we'll help you get there."
My friends have got to be the greatest people in the world. Rachel and Deidra walked me all the way to the third floor nurse's office and made sure she was there and that I was okay. And when they had to leave the only thing I heard was "I love you Alexx!" and "I hope you feel better."
I'm at home now, but guys if you see this I just wanna let you know that you guys are angels :) Seriously. Who knows what would've happened if I'd had to make it down there on my own. It means a lot to me that you guys made sure that I was okay. And I'm feeling a lot better since this morning. But I should probably rest still. Just wanted the Web to know how grateful I am for having such caring friends.

Yeah, sorry for the sappyness people. But my friends really are the most amazing people in the world. :)


  1. I hope your ok :) BTW i really like your blog!

  2. Oh and thanks for kinda following me along and leaving your comments on my blog. It really means a lot to know someone is listening :)

  3. Any time :) I owe a thanks to you too. I was really happy when I figured out someone was actually reading mine too :)

  4. yes, friends are amazing. they show their love in times of trouble<3

    ps. no, I don't writing. I'm still practicing my very very bad english. blog is just a place where I can share my thoughts. I'm so happy when people like it! thank you;)

  5. Great blog, and thanks for following mine. I really hope you're feeling better :)