Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Album?? Maybe :)

I've been having a pretty nice week. :D School and people and everything have been going really well.
Second bell made me smile. Because Daniel's been in such a good mood all week. We had a very interesting discussion in Spanish about bubbles, drawing, pirates, and ninjas. He's a great guy when he's not being a jackass :) Plus I learned third bell that can actually do a Georgia accent. Yes I know random, but actually incredibly valuable information. But I'm excited for one reason today.
I think I may actually have a chance at producing an album before I turn 16.
Now keep in mind when I say produce an album, I mean that I'd like it to be able to sell a CD of my songs in local shops. For instance if 50 people in Cincinnati know my name because of it, I'd consider myself a success. An enormous success at that. So I decided to talk to my voice teacher about it.
Keep in mind I have no band. And no recording studio. And no resources in which to get either of those whatsoever. I actually thought that I may not have any chance to get any of my songs set to music until I learned to play guitar myself. I talked to Mrs. Routt and she took out her guitar right there and helped me transpose a song that I'd written. (In the hall...two minutes before I came into her room X) ) So I actually have a chance! I'm excited. :) It was a good day.
I still want to talk to my friend Gabe though. I really don't know why, but I've had this really awkward, random urge to talk to him for about 5 days. And it's driving me insane. I better run into him tomorrow or I'm gonna scream. I don't even have any reason I should want to talk to him. I just do.
Man I need to sleep :P And I still have two copies of a poem I have to turn in tomorrow. I should go type that. Later!


  1. Good luck with your song writing!! :)

  2. I hope the album works out for ya! Boys can be nice when they aren't jackasses- story of my life :)