Thursday, April 16, 2009

Annie Lennox, slyders, and happiness :)

Why is it I always feel bad at the most random time? That annoys me. Does anyone know how to keep hormones from affecting you? Just a thought. Considering that I did in fact have a good day, but I felt sad and left out in English today. Twas quite annoying. I hate when I feel like that.

Anyway it's always better to focus on the good. After feeling oddly left out in English, I had an audition for some sort of gifted program in Drama. I have no idea what it's for, or how it affects me or my Drama class actually. But the people watching me were from Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati which is an equity house so hopefully they'll put a good word in for me for any of the times they need a non eq. actor...Plus, the people there didn't know what the gifted program was anyway, so I'm just trying to hope for whatever I can :)

But staying after school meant I got to wait for my ride with my friends who have ninth bells. And my friend Mitch was so sweet. Word apparently got around about my audition and when I ran into him he said "So how'd the audition go? Did you like TOTALLY ROCK IT!?" Then I giggled and said yeah and he gave me a hug. and gave me a hug. "You'll get in. You're gifted." That's what I love about my school. Right when I feel lonely and sad someone comes up out of no where and makes me feel loved. It's great. My friends have to be the greatest people on earth and I'm 600% grateful for them all the time.

I'm like that with my dad typically too. He picked me up today and reminded me it was only going to be us since my little brother and my mom went on a mini vacation for the next few days. Meaning we shot straight for White Castle :) We got eleven and split it sixty-forty . This was due to the fact if I ate six white castles, I would kind know, DIE. And we spent the entire ride home cranking Lynard Skynard and Annie Lennox (which my dad actually SANG TO! It was so hilarious!!!xD) then when we got home we plugged his iPod into the speaker system, opened all the windows, and blasted everything from Frankie Valli, to Joni Mitchell, to the Boss. If anything ever happens to my mom and brother (GOD FORBID. GOD UNBEFREAKINGLEIVABLE FORBID. I love them so much!) I think it would be all right just dad and me if we got along this well. This is us when we're at our best. For the most part, I'm identical to him as far as his thoughts on politics, music and movie taste, dealing with friends...hell I even look like him. And the funniest part is he's like me too. On girly issues. For instance, on the way to school one morning, we had a long intricate conversation on the brutal effects of the modelling industry. Not only that, when we played Walking on Broken Glass he sang. Yes. My father belted Annie Lennox in the middle of the ghetto. :D How can you not love a guy that does that? So if Rachel didn't know that the pair of us were not the most normally shaped stars in the galaxy, when I opened my door to a house that had Born in the USA banging out of the speakers, she knows now :)

And that went well too! I called Rachel in school (hey we had a free day in math, shut up :) and she said she had an extra ticket for one of the local high school's rendition of Beauty and the Beast.

We knew almost every word to all the songs. :)

And we sang them until the two wrinkly curmudgeon ladies in front of us told us "Really? Do you really have to do that?" It was annoying that they'd completely forgotten how to be kids, but it was even more fun to come up with all the things we wanted to say to them on the way home. The best one we came up with was that we have a rare disease where if we do not sing we will die :) Or Rachel was just going to yell HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A KID!? Hey either way :)

Ahhhh, I love my life. Greasy food, good friends, and yeah I'm busy, but every time I am it's because of the arts. I am one rockin' fourteen-year-old :)


  1. Hey! I hope you get into your drama program :) Yeah it sucks when you get all sad for no reason. I hate to say'll probably get a bit less sensitive, but it never really goes away!

  2. Aaaaah hormones. One of women's great joys. Unfortunately, they're with you for life - just enjoy the ride!
    It's great that you have such a close relationship with your Dad - it's often in the teenage years that daughters really shut their Dad's out (that's what I did) but it really sounds like you guys have a great bond.
    Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog :-)