Sunday, April 5, 2009

Danny and Greg...RUN. NOW :)

Uhhhhhhh. Shower gooooood...

God, hot water has got to be the reason life is worth living. Anyone who is depressed or about to throw themselves off a building should take a shower. Seriously, all their problems would be solved...

Or I could just be in this mindset because it's the first time I've washed my sorry ass since Thursday night X) Ah, either way.

Anyway, sorry I haven't posted anything in the past couple days. I went to our cabin in Adam's County for the weekend...which is why I now feel the need to warn my cousins.
You see, my cousin Danny had a huge guy party for his birthday and during that huge guy party which most likely involved a lot of beer and a lot of bonfires (probably provoked by a lot of beer), it appears that all the firewood was used up. Meaning my family arrived at the cabin this weekend with nothing to burn in which to keep us from freezing to death. This wasn't too big of a problem because we had an axe and we were in the middle of the forest, so my uncle decided he would get the adults together and he would drive across this little creek, split more wood and then hull it back to the cabin.
During which my uncles back left tire sunk into the mud causing a very long, incredibly muddy twenty minutes in which everyone had to push the truck with all their might trying to move it from the hole the tire created. We eventually freed the truck of its muddy restraint, but not without getting our jeans as well as the truck, covered in a new shade of brown with was splattered stylishly across all of us.

Guys, if Jana and Joe haven't found you yet I suggest you enroll in Witness Protection.


  1. Oh my god that reminds me of a time when my house lost power for 1 day and 1 night. We needed to make our own fire too. Cause when it gets dark! Even blankets can't shield you from the cold. But my mother and I can't make a fire! So it took us an hour to figure that one out! Anyway thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Hot Shower Sounds Good

  2. You're so right. There's NOTHING in the whole world better than a ridiculously hot shower, particularly when you haven't had one in ages. When I was at school we had to go on these AWFUL camps where we couldn't shower for 10 days at a time. It was the absolute best best best ever thing having a shower when I got home.