Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Good Friday?

Is there such thing as saying Happy Good Friday? I mean, doesn't that sort of contradict itself? Wouldn't Christians take that as, "Hey, today is the day that your one and only Savior died in a sickeningly brutal way. Have a nice day!" I dunno. I had a happy Good Friday so I was just wondering.

It was very happy. Last night I got to go see a movie with all of my old friends from Catholic school. It was the first time I'd seen them since we graduated 8th grade last year. The movie was Hannah Montana...and I do sort of hate her...with like a burning undying passion, but hey I was with my friends. And Rachel and I spent the entire movie debating on the cuteness of her outfits and calling dibs on every hot guy we saw. And by the way, if she ever sees this I would like to openly say that I have no idea the name of the guy who played Travis (Miley's love interest in the movie) ,but I TOTALLY SAW HIM FIRST! MINE!!! :D
I love Rachel Schwarz. She's been my best friend since 6th grade. Same with all the girls from Catholic school. I have permission to be indescribably girlie around them. Because my personality is as far from girlie as possible. I mean I do read magazine's like Teen Vogue and Seventeen and I love shopping(especially at bargain places) and I will admit that at this moment, I need a shower, a teeth scrubbing, and some eyeliner. I do have a few girlie points and I admit to them openly. But traits that lean more towards the typical teens of today, the texting craze, Clarie's, and any and all things involving the worship of Disney stars are things I try to distance myself from as much as possible. I mean not to insult anyone, but I'm a much bigger fan of Mickey than Miley, I have no desire to have access neon nail polish, fuzzy boots, and heart shaped Kanye glasses in one place (And come on heart shaped??? Really??), and if you have the phone in your hand to text me, how about you just call me? You know...this sounds crazy, but what if you used the device for what it was actually created for???
But that's what's so great about being with my Catholic school friends. To a degree, they force even me, the art school snob, to take part in things that are...well, normal. Not that I'm going to make it a regular habit. I'm quite attached to my indie movies, thrift stores, and coffee shops. I love my individuality. But I think it's good every now and then to be reminded that I don't have to look down on something just because I don't consider it artistic. I mean, I may not see it the same way as someone else does...and even if I am right, maybe it does me a little good now and then to be relatively, ever so slightly, just a little bit...dare I say it? Normal :)


  1. I enjoyed reading this. "...I'm a bigger fan of Mickey than Miley..." way to go, girl!
    thanks for following! :)


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