Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

Hey bloggers! I was at the cabin all weekend so sorry I couldn't post anything new. Though thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. :) Sometimes I just really need to be reminded I'm not crazy.

Anyway the cabin was loads of fun. We ate doughnuts and talked and I got to burn a Jonas Brothers magazine cover with a blow torch. You gotta love my uncle :) Also, I taught my little cousin to kayak and my aunt taught me a morbid Girl Scout song about the Titanic.
It's been a full weekend.

Though I must confess to you guys that I've wanted to be home all weekend. I miss Craig and Kali and Rannie, not to mention my goal to shower. And that has been my goal since...oh say...Friday night??? Yes disgusting I know. But don't worry. I just got back from biking to an ice cream place to see my friend and the second I finish this post I'm barricading myself in the bathroom and pampering myself into oblivion. What can I say?My legs are begging to be shaved. Still though, I told Anonymous Bloggette I would do this and I attempt to keep my word, so here you go Anonymous Bloggette. I didn't forget ;)

Okay, for those of you who will get a comment after I post this, I wanted to tell you that I'm giving you the Honest Scrap Award, just the picture decided it didn't want to be put on my blog. I don't know what I did to offend it exactly, but anyway the rules for this award are as follows:

1.) List 10 honest things about yourself
2) Pass it on to 7 cool people who embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap Award

10 Honest things about me...hmm...Here goes nothin'.

1) I think like characters in books do. This is kind of hard to explain, but you know how when you read a book that's written in first person and the character says something like...I dunno, "I shakily held my breath as I crept masterfully down the hall. My toe struck a hard side of the wall. Shit. Pain shot all the way through my leg, but I just grimaced and carried on, careful not to make a sound." You know what I mean? Anyway I think like that. About everything I do. All the frigging time. You would honestly have a pretty well written read if you put the thoughts I had in the span of a day together.

2) I have a lot of sympathy for some of the scum of the earth. Like murders. It used to be one of the only reasons I was for the death penalty was because I didn't want anyone to go through the horror of spending the rest of their lives in prison. I don't know why I feel this exactly. Probably because my apparatus for mercy kicks in before the thought of how horrible a person is does.

3) One of my 'friends' (actually the very one who provoked the thoughts of my last post) almost made me cut off her head because of something she said about Esme. Esme was this incredibly nice little girl at my school who was brutally murdered by a complete monster who (this is so horrible but true) I hope is shivved in prison for the pain he caused her and her family. Now, my 'friend' didn't know Esme and wasn't connected to her in any way. Her school isn't even in the same district as mine. Yet when she went on one of her "Oh my life is so terrible" rants one of the reasons she said was that SHE has a hard life because it makes her feel so bad that innocent people like Esme are murdered. Not she feels bad for the family, not she feels bad it She essentially said that Esme's death made HER life more difficult.

Like I said. I wanted to kill her.

4) Probably the most pathetic thing about me is that even though this girl is one of the most pathetic people I've ever met, I keep her and my other friend around because I feel better about myself when I'm around them. It's so selfish and conceited and horrible, but I feel so cool around them because my life in theater and music seems so much more glamorous when compared to their more normal lives. There I think I'm even for saying mean things about the girl above now.

5) Really small, REALLY stupid things make me crazy happy. And a lot of enormous things don't effect me. You see when I walk anywhere with my city friends, like when we went to Coffee Emporium on Tuesday and spent the whole time talking and joking and stealing each others drinks and food... I was in heaven. I was ecstatic for no other reason other than that I was with funny, loving people who wanted to be funny and loving towards me. But then I stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial staring across the reflecting pool at the Washington Monument, something many Americans hope to do before they die...
And all I could think was "Damn it's hot."

5) The Jonas Brother, Miley Cyrus, and The entire HSM cast are what is causing the economic crisis. And the housing meltdown. And world hunger....just sayin'.:) They're probably the reason younger and younger children are turning to drugs and alcohol. Wouldn't surprise me.

6) Making people laugh or think or feel some sort of emotion besides annoyance and boredom is the greatest feeling in the world. And the main reason I'm in theater. I want people to feel something.

7) The three greatest honors of my life are getting into SCPA, knowing all the fantastic wonderful people I do, and hugging Lucas Wozniak...and the people that know him will probably think that's an awkward thing to have on the list, and maybe it is. But the truth is, I don't have the strength to tell him, but I think he's the coolest person in the world :)

8)There is no such thing as the "gay plague" or the "gay disease" or "Barack Obama wanting to create a nation of gays". None of this is funny, fair, accepting, or true in any conceivable way. And if you don't agree with this, I believe it's best you leave my blog now.

9) Fakeness really, really bothers me. Which is weird because I can't give you my definition of fakeness at all. When I meet you, I can just tell if you are or not. And if you are, I'll still be your friend if your nice, but I'll really have a problem with it.

10) Oh and to the fake people of the world I would just like to declare that I own one and only one legit designer item...I have a Marc Jacobs change purse :) I got the Daisy ring for my birthday and that's what it came in. Yeah anything on me you ever thought was Marc Jacobs came from a thrift store. A THRIFT STORE. That's right, I paid less for my outfit than you paid for your socks. Suck it :)

Seven People Who Deserve This Award

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Anonymous Bloggette

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Black Vanilla Rose

Pop Champagne

Well there you go guys :) I'll be sure to comment you all later. But right now, like I said. Legs+Shave= GOOD


  1. Oh I love "1", I do the same! I love creating a novelistic commentary through my thoughts! :)

    Thanks for your comment! <3


  2. Oh thanks for the award cutie!! I think the best part of camping is the feeling of turning on the hot water in the shower as soon as you get home :D