Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mama! x)

I unfortunately didn't expect to do anything today, but actually did quite a bit. This makes me happy considering I can't stand to feel like I've wasted a day. It was nice though. My little brother and I rode our bikes to the park up by our house. It was a fun ride because even though it was frigging cold, it was still nice out and we met a really adorable, blue eyed six-year-old at the playground who my brother talked Halo with. Yes. My eleven-year-old brother got into a detailed conversation about a violent video game with a six-year-old. :) Anyway, he was cute. His name was Tyler and he showed me how he could go across the monkey bars and climb up a tree. I love little kids. I even hung upside down on the monkey bars, just to show him that I could actually do something cool. Considering I can't actually make it across the monkey bars to save my soul :)
After his mom called him back over, Evan and I rode back home and I spent an hour at a thrift store with one of my friends. I found all of one thing which caused boredom within me for the rest of the time because my friend wouldn't just let us leave. You can imagine my apperication when I saw her mom pull up. But it was okay, because we had a hilarious conversation on the way back about nudist colonies, so that made up for the awkwardness of being left at a thrift store x)
But the best part of the day was at night when my family babysat my cousin Gracie. She turned a year old in Feburary and she's the funniest and most beautiful baby I've ever known of. And I mean that seriously. Two of my third cousins or something on my mom's side of the family have babies and they are nowhere near as cute as Gracie is. And Gracie's much more fun to watch. Last night she tried to climb up on a leather chair we have in our family room, but her legs were too short. I wanted to help her, but it was hysterical to watch how detirmined she was. Don't worry though. I did help her after while and when she got up in the chair, she was so utterly amazed by the chair she was in. She hit the seat and the back in an attempt to drum and ran her hands along the rivets, and giggled whenever she kicked her legs around the chair. But the funniest thing was mama. Before Gracie discovered the chair, she would make me follow her into our kitchen. She'd stand next to our counter and look around and go, "Mama!" then she'd waddle back into our family room. She did it at least three times and since she doesn't usually get homesick, I didn't understand what she meant. Then the fourth or so time she did it, I looked at the counter. Where there was a glass of milk. I picked it up.
"Mama?" I asked. Gracie reached up greedily for it.
"Mama!" she agreed and she gratefully accepted the cup before sucking down hard on the straw.
Hey she's a baby. Mama meaning milk is actually one of the most educated guesses I think a baby could make x)


  1. Awww, that's so cute! I love little kids too lol, I think they're just the cutest things. And the stuff they say is hilarious. When my little sister was a baby, at her first birthday party she had her own mini cake. She took one look at it and slammed her face into it before looking up and going, "Uh oh!" It was sooo cute X3

  2. The thing about nudist colonies is most people in them you wouldn't ever want to see nude...which is why you don't have to worry about a bunch of oversexed people trying to go to nudist colonies...

  3. kids are so much fun, and so full of energy!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Afraid I am completely clueless as to following gadgets etc. (this new-fangled technology nonsense!! ^^) but I've added one on my blog sidebar, so it would be lovely if you did want to sign up! :) I'm enjoying reading your free-thinking musings. As for your 'quick and random question' about the sixth grade girl trying to give out her number... my friend and I have discussed things like this a lot, too, and to me it's just symptomatic of kids - boys and girls - trying to 'grow up' so quickly - and not emotionally, but in terms of sex, alcohol consumption etc. I do have to laugh, because at 16 - let alone 12! - I was still running around in the acres of park-land with my friends climbing trees and making movies! ^^

  5. Aww, that's really cute.
    I love silly baby stories :)