Monday, April 6, 2009

Mondays Mondays Mondays

Monday, Monday, Monday. Blech :P

Well not so much. I have actually been suprisingly productive. For instance, my makeup work...some of it is actually DONE! I know! Though I still have an independent reading paper, math packet, and History questions to rewrite...maybe I should work on that too...

Anyhow it was actually an all right day. We discussed our Drama Night in acting class today. We're doing a class-wide fight to show off how much I we learned in our unit on stage fights. My friend Katie made it clear to everyone I was going to be Angelina Jolie. Making this clear, I am the LEAST Angelina Jolielike person in the entire world. But it sounds like it's going to be hilarious. And even though I really wanted to be Ellen Page, as long as I get to beat one of my friends with a fake baby, I'm cool :)

The other two greatest parts of the day were study hall and after school. Study hall is basically known as the part of day when I'm stuck in a desk sandwiched between three of my politically incorrect, yet oddly hysterical guy friends and two creepy seventh graders. You know as awkward as that sounds, in actuality, it is quite fun. It's a bit of a toss up though, considering my friend Daniel is the one in control of my mood in that class. He's the type of guy who isn't a jerk, but In his words, his "self defense mechanism" is that he acts like a smartass. Meaning, he's a jerk. And he's a hurtful jerk at that when he's in a bad mood. And considering I'm the only person who makes an open effort to be nice to him, I am the typical victim of his pissed offness. But he was all right today. He called me over to his desk and quizzed me on music like he does when he's in a good mood. It was nice. Actually, besides the comment to our friends Kali and Cedric that he didn't make any friends the first week of school (He met me in the back of a classroom on the first day.) he was actually a good guy today.

The next nice part was after school. I didn't get to stay very long, because my dad found me too quickly, but in the couple minutes I had outside, I got to talk to my friend Adam. He's adorable For instance today was the first time in the past two weeks it's been grey and bitter in Cincinnati. Not fridgid or artic or anything, just bitter. Meaning all of us are greatly angered whoever took away our hot weather seeing that we still have to wait outside for our rides. Adam was so sweet though. Because when I came outside in my thin hoodie, with my arms wrapped around myself tighter than the Christmas presents I got a few months ago, it was obvious I was freezing. "Uggggg, why's it have to be cold???" That's when Adam did something adorable and opened his arms and said

"I'll keep you warm if you want." He's such a good guy. He gave me a hug for as long as he could before Michael came over and was like "Our tongues intwine our tongues intwine our tongues intwine!!!" (Quote from one of our friends. You don't wanna know. :P) So in other words I have to punch him in the face tomorrow now :)

In reality though, I seriously enjoyed being able to talk to my friends all day. Jazmyn caught up with me before class, and Michael caught me at my locker, and Ginger proposed to me at lunch today XD I've missed a couple people a lot in the past couple days though. Like I've had an oddly huge desire to talk to my friend Gabe the past couple days. I have no idea why that is, but I just really, really feel like talking to him. Hm...weird. Maybe I should get off my blog before I do anything else weird :)


  1. Angelina Jolie? That is awesome! Sounds like something fun to do. I think it is really great that you get the chance to talk to your friends often. And yea Yoga class is great but very hard. Thanks for commenting my loooooooong blog!

  2. That sounds like a pretty decent Monday to me. Monday's are my bane. The end of the always painfully short weekend in which I must rise before the sun to go work out whether I want it or not.