Monday, April 27, 2009

Oklahoma Slip XD

Oklahoma rehearsal. The first read through and I already screwed up...but in the most hilarious way.
As incredibly random as this post may be, rehearsal, though tedious ended hysterically. In this production, I'm playing Ellen, who is one of those parts that has a whole THREE LINES!:D I know, not much, but hey there are no small parts. Anyway, one of my incredible three lines involve me talking to Gertie after she informs my group of girls that she's gotten married. Now the line is technically "Lands!(Who says that by the way???) Who'd you marry? Where is he?" But somehow I unfortunately misread the line and said (in an enormous Southern accent) "Lands! Who'd marry you!?" Causing the entire cast to roar with laughter. It took me nearly the entire course of their laughter to figure out that the line I said was completely wrong. All I could hear was the director making a joke.
"We should just keep that line in the show!" He said. I didn't know if he was serious until after the read through when he asked if there were questions.
"Yeah, uh, for that marrige line, I misread that, but do you really want me to keep it like that?"
"You know what? For now..." He choked out a laugh between this. "Since your rewrite is essentially the thing everyone in the cast is thinking at that moment in the show, yeah keep it in." Everyone was giggling by this point. "I might change it as the show goes along, but for now..." He grinned ear to ear while he stacked is papers straight. "That's why I love live theatre."
I got congradulations from everyone on the way out. I wish I screwed up my lines like that more often xD

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