Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quick and Random Question

Sword fights in the hallway before school are fun :) Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Well it seems like I'm kind of cruising through the week. Today was easy too. I had a great conversation with my friend Jenelle today. I finally found someone who feels the same way about guys as me. No one was in a bad mood today and everything just seemed to go well. It was a nice break from yesterday. Then I randomly crashed my little brother's skating party and skated around for about two hours. It was nice.
Anyway as far as my friend Jenelle, I want to tell you about our conversation because I love to get people's opinions. So maybe I should start at the beginning. It started when we were outside at lunch. Now at SCPA we have these fences around our 'playground' because people actually believe that it'll keep them out. And since it's downtown, people do walk by and some of them aren't the most...uh, role model worthy people in the world. And one of those people walked by during our lunch bell and started talking to this big group of girls who'd gathered by the fence around him. They were in sixth grade. He looked like he was over twenty. Luckily a security gaurd came and broke up the group of girls, but not before a girl who couldn't have been more than eleven at the most, attempted to give him her number. Look, I've lived in the suburbs nearly all my life so when I started going to school downtown, stuff like this really started to bother me. But I didn't speak up a lot because most of my friends have lived in the city all their lives and don't bother to say anything anymore. Luckily right when I started to be bothered by it, Jenelle started grumbling herself.
"God why the hell would you do that! You're a kid!" She was furious. It bothered her a lot too. We had a long conversation about how it bothered us. So I want to ask you guys. How do you feel about kids that young hitting on people?


  1. well there's the cute way of hitting on someone and the vulgar way of hitting on someone... I think this kid is leaning towards more vulgar. Doesn't matter how old they are it would def turn me off.

  2. Hummm... maybe I should pursue sword fighting. ;)

    I think the "hitting" should always be left up to the professionals. lol

    take care love