Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Crazy Panic Time!

This is going to be a very quick and awkward post, but I need a post today and I need to place my panic somewhere other than just in my stomach, because it's causing it to knot up.

All righty, I really need it to be 2nd bell tomorrow. At this very moment. Right now.

My Drama Night is on Thursday. And for those of you who don't know Drama Night at The School for Creative and Performing Arts is when the entire drama class (or just our drama class in this case) puts together a showcase of scenes and monolouges to show the parents what we've been working on this quarter. It's one of the nights that effects your Drama Grade for that semester. And my good buddy Michael (who I am currently about to beat with a sharpened stapler...no I don't know how to sharpen a stapler, but I will find a way) suggested that him, Brittney, and I do a scene together for Drama Night. We've had this scene since last week and we were supposed to have practiced it after school last Tuesday, Wendsday, and Thursday and today.

Okay, Brittney did not come. Any of the days. And all Michael and I have blocked are the first give or take, three minutes? Oh, and did I mention I have a three paragraph monolouge which though I have memorized the first part of the play, I have NOT AT ALL been able to ingrain this monolouge into my brain.
And Michael won't let me out of it. He keeps saying "Oh, well we'll work hard and we can do it."
Okay, Michael failed his Boards last semester. I'll explain what Boards are in a later post, but bottom line is Michael is hanging onto his major in the Drama Department BY A THREAD. His word on any scene or monolouge holds no credit at all.
I can't do this scene. And I am detirmined to get out of it. Only problem is, tomorrow I have to go in and explain this dilemma to Mrs. Kleesattel. She gave me a pep talk yesterday on self confidence when I said I didn't think our scene was funny. And she's typically an incredibly understanding person, I just really hope that this time she doesn't brush my panicking off as a self confidence problem and make me do the scene anyway. Because we WILL NOT be ready. And I don't want to make my scene partners, Mrs. Kleesattel, or the entire 3rd bell Drama class look bad because we aren't prepared. Plus, honestly, if it was a self confidence problem, I would have made myself get over it. Because it is true I don't have a lot of confidence in the work I do, seeing as I'm in a place with so many talented people and I like to think that going into something with a low expectation and failing doesn't hurt as much as going in with enormous expectations and failing. But I would make myself get over it. I did that with my Southern monolouge and now I'm doing it for Drama Night. I can't do this scene though.
Gosh I hope she understands...

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  1. good luck with your drama night! that's funny, the guy i like is named michael, and is big into drama and theatre =)