Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sycamore Streets Greatest Improv Troupe :)

Sorry I haven't posted anything over the past couple days. With Easter and then heading back to school I've been...well not the indescribably, overwhelmingly, drowning in artistic demands that I typically am, but busy enough to choose crashing instead of blogging when I get home. So for that, I am sorry. :)

Everything has gone great though. Yesterday while waiting for my ride home, Craig, Rannie, Michael, Skylar, Adam, and I were all standing there bored. Craig and I were talking about the random stuff we usually do when someone struck a weird pose. Come to think of it, if my memory serves me right I'm almost a thousand percent sure that someone was doing Thriller. My aunt wasn't there yet when Craig goes, "Oh my God! We should one improv game!"

Leave it to Craig to be the one of us inspired by Thriller. Obviously, being a human being who lacks the power of ESP (Unfortunately.) I didn't know what he was talking about. But then he started describing it. "You know that one thing you play, you're in a mueseum and one guys the gaurd or whatever, and then everyone else is statues?"

No. Seriously that was the real answer. I had never heard of that before in my life. But awkwardly enough, I knew exactly what he was talking about.
Huh. Maybe I do have ESP ;)

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Mueseum!" I said, grabbing in the air for the first possible name I could make up. Yes I know. The limited knowledge I had of the game involved a muesuem and I call it Muesuem??? Yes I know, very unusual, but my brillance is that astounding sometimes. :)

"What's that?" Skylar asked. Craig and I explained the game, how one person is the curator and everyone else is supposed to be a statue in the meusuem. When the curator turns away from the statues they walk around and make funny faces or strike odd poses. The object of the game is the statues are supposed to make the craziest, zanniest, most awkwardly out there pose and or face that they can without the curator noticing their movements when he or she spins back around. Whoever's caught moving becomes the new curator.

And it amazing the living shit out of me to realize I knew every rule to a game I'd never played in my life. But it was SO AWESOME!!!:D We had the weirdest, stupidest poses in the world. You gotta love my friends...especially considering the face my aunt made when she pulled up to find her niece in a move that Michael Jackson could have used :) It was great.

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