Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is kinda long. This is my apology in advance XD

Whoops! Sorry I forgot to blog yesterday. I had kind of a lazy April Fools Day and the house I was at didn't have a computer. Oops.

The past two days have been awesome though. My friend Jazmyn did this hilarious improv in the middle of class today where she pretended to be everyone's mama. It was hysterical! She zipped my hoodie up as far as it would go and then tied the strings in a bow and starting commanding me. "Sit up straight young lady! And you better eat your vegetables!" She scolded me for a bunch of things about manners, which made my stomach hurt with laughter that I held in. I mean after all, I can't laugh in my mother's face when she disciplines me ;) It was even funnier when my friends Emily and Katie got in on it too. Right when Jazmyn looked like she was losing material they'd jump in and go "Alexx is laughing!" or "Alexx called me ugly!" "Oh and she called me fat too!" But the best one was when Katie told Jazmyn that I said Mrs. Anderiadis (who is the very much disliked teacher of the class we were in) was prettier than her. I stopped laughing the second she said that and looked straight at her.

"I would not wish that one ANYONE. Katie, there is nothing you can possibly do to ever make me sink that low." Katie laughed and fist bumped me for that one :)

My friend was really cute today too. I won't name him because I don't want to embarrass him, but he gave me this little note today that read this.

Would you like to go out with me. but if not were still friends!

P.S.-your CUTE

The note was really cute itself I thought. I don't think I'll go out with him (I don't see him enough) but I really want to hug him for writing such a nice note to me. Plus it made me laugh to realize that nearly every love note I've ever received has never been grammatically correct :)
But my favorite thing that happened today sounds a lot more like child neglect than something that would add happiness to my day.
My aunt forgot to pick me up.
So I was left outside SCPA for about an hour and a half longer than I should have been.
And it was GREAT!
I finally got to talk to all the people that I'm forced to rush past at the end of the day. I spent forty-five minutes outside with Adam, Austin, Skylar, Michael, Rannie, Craig, and Stephanie who I usually only have three minutes with because I'm being called to my ride. We spent the entire time talking about people who liked me(Still don't know why that was a topic), talking music, laughing, threatening my life (well that was Stephanie x) ), and calling Adam Vanilla Ice when he made a sad, incredibly white attempt to rap. Well, actually only Skylar called him that, but I got weak. Then all my friends from ninth bell came out and I got to talk to Katie, Izzy, Rachel, Daniel, Bram, Emily, and Eben.(I know. I'm talking about lots of people. Sorry) Plus, I got to talk to Gabe, who I'd been trying to talk to all day. All of us discussed summer, how everyone can sing just some better than others, and how you could be dying but you force yourself to suck it up when you're with you're friends.

So in case any of you wondered what when through my mind today I hope you enjoyed those two separate random rundowns X) Okay, bottom line is I wasn't very happy when my dad pulled up an hour and half later to tell me I had to go.

Yesterday was even better though. My aunt picked me up and she told me she was cooking out tonight, but they didn't have any charcoal. Kroger is a fifteen minute walk from her house if you're a tortoise, but she said we may as well drive anyway.

"We have to get charcoal," she told me. "And I'm not dragging that huge bag all the way back from Krogers." I didn't even need to think before I volunteered. Only problem is, my aunt is one of those people who...well she's no frail 1957 housewife, but she's not exactly a short haired, makeup-less ultra feminist city girl either. In other words, she doubted me at first. And even when I made it clear I was going to carry it back she asked me if I was sure about twenty three and a half different times before we left...and the half was when I finished the sentence she started with "Yes Jennifer I'm sure I can carry it."

Okay. I'd been sick for the past two days, I still had a slight stomachache, and my arms are no where near to being the biggest bragging right on my body.

And I carried a nearly fifteen pound bag of Match Lite ALL THE WAY BACK!!!:D

Okay, I know that isn't a huge weight, but I'm weak and celebrate stupid things. Permit my happiness:)

And you know what? Not long after we got back, my uncle Randy got home...and made it clear that out of all the possible brands of charcoal we could have bought, Match Lite doesn't stay lit long and is one of the worst brands of charcoal you can by. Go figure the heavy thing I carry a mile and half back to the house is the thing we did wrong X)

My dad showed up to pick me up soon after. Only problem was a few minutes after my dad showed up I learned that my cousin Katie and her best friend Rachel were coming over in half an hour. I begged my dad to let me stay because Katie is the coolest person in the world. He denied of course being a slave to the man who's constantly just wanting to get home after he comes to get me, even though we were locked in a surprisingly gripping conversation in the kitchen about old movies. That's the one the pluses of having a family that talks so much and a dad that is flaunts that trait proudly. Every time my dad said "We have to go soon Alexx." I asked him and my uncle about movies or Twilight Zones. Questions like those typically keep my dad going for ten more minutes minimum. And I kept it up the entire time until I noticed a powder blue '88 Chrysler pull up and park across the street. When they came in, we talked about my vocal recital for a few minutes and then the three of us ran outside like three little kids to hang outside and sing.
Katie and Rachel are in their earlier twenties and they somewhat confuse me. The best description that I can think of it that they really are incredibly wise girls disguised with ditzyness. They have their moments, but when you ask them something about laugh they always seem to have a profound, moving, and surprisingly deep answer to your question...but it'll be in a Valley Girl accent. :) And every single chance that I get I talk to them. Because Katie is more like my sister than my cousin and Rachel is like part of my family too. And no matter how bad of a day I had, every time I talk to them no matter how bad of a day I've had talking to them always makes my day a good one. After a conversation with Rachel and Katie, or even just Katie I always makes me feel great about myself. Whatever I've accomplished looks bigger than it is and whoever makes me feel less is briefly seen as the dumb mean kid that they are.
My dad came out and joined our conversation afterwards. We were at my aunts house two hours longer than we needed to.
So all and all the past two days have been incredible. Sorry for the longness. And the randomness. I guess I should probably leave you on a less sappy note. Well I has a successful April Fools Day. I dyed all our toilets purple :) But considering I only had all morning and my mom had all day, when I got home my bathroom (which is the only one I kept untouched) had a jammed door, hot pink toilet, and soap scum on the mirror that read Look at that HUGE zit!!!!
The woman gets me every year :)


  1. Ok, just because you took the time to write this and I took the time t read it even though I have t leave in like, well a minute, I had to commen X) It sounds like you really love your frinds and family, and I stll my dad with old movieds and tv shows when I don't want to leave to. You're right, Twilight Zone and keep my dad talking for a half hour so lon as he either has someone to explain it to or someone to talk about it with.

  2. Thanks for the follow! <3

  3. awwww how sweet that your friend wrote you that note!!! Why aren't you going to go out with him? He's sounds cute!