Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wizardly Flirting :) (long but PLEASE read!)

Wow. Friday and Saturday were great. I love my school. And my friends. And White Castles. Oh yeah, I LOVE White Castles.

Anyway, Friday the entire high school portion of my school walked down the street to the Aranoff Theater in Cincinnati to see our school's production of Moon Over Buffalo. Which may I say, is one of the most well written plays I have ever had the privilege to see performed. For those of you who don't know, Moon Over Buffalo is a Ken Ludwig comedy about these two well known aging actors, their daughter, her fiance', and their friends within the acting company they're currently working in that alternates every night between a production of Cyrano and Private Lives. It was hysterical. Every one did so well. And I got to see my friend Lucas walk in while two other upperclassmen were on top of each other. The leading woman's line was "Oh, he just came out of the closet." She meant this literally. The leading man had just stumbled out of the closet and the boy playing the stage hand was literally ON TOP of him trying to put his pants on. So without even thinking Lucas screams "I can see that!" Oh my God it was SO funny. You have to see it if you ever get the chance. It's a hilarious play. And Lucas caught me later and before I could even say high he went "I saw you in the front row!" You gotta love Lucas. He essentially played himself in that production. I'm not kidding. He came out in a three piece suit and I was like "Hey! I've seen you wear that to school!" Like I said. I kid you not :)

Then on the way back I got to walk with Rannie and Stephanie and then skip my lunch bell due to the fact that I didn't want to go upstairs. So I spent the entire time in the 2nd floor girls bathroom with Gabby and her two other friends, who were both really nice. Why can't I remember names? I am quite cursed when it comes to that. :)

And that was just the beginning. My father picked me up at the end of the day we blasted music then went home a proceeded to eat every form of food that could clog your arteries. Before going to see Monsters vs. Aliens (My idea :) Go see it, the 3D will make you pee yourself) we had eaten half of a chocolate cake along with a bunch of stuff we got at this local restaurant called Symmes Tavern. Oh, and did I forget to mention the chocolate pudding, oyster crackers, and five White Castles a piece that both of us ate at eleven o'clock at night in the middle of Casablanca? Oh yeah. I was pretty thankful I didn't wake up in a diabetic coma the next morning :)

(Speaking of Casablanca, it was the first time I'd seen it. And if you have not see that movie, shut off your computer right now, run to Blockbuster and rip it off the shelf. I kid you not)

Tonight was awesome too. I ran into my old friend Christina at Wal Mart and Rachel and I went to see her play Hansel and Gretel later that night. Since the Hamilton Freshman Building put it on it wasn't exactly...ahem...amazing, but a couple parts were great. The girl who played Hansel for instance, was a very believable little boy and had the voice and mannerisms down and everything. The witch was fantastic at her part too, along with her henchmen Frick and Frack. Same with the girl playing Lydia the Gypsy. She was awesome, really animated, and sassy. And her long blue-green skirt, blue and gold vest, earrings, and blue scarf/headband were actually cute enough for me to want to steal. But then again that was just the girl playing the gypsy in general. She was this petite little thing with shiny brunette hair and the most adorable smile. She looked almost dead on my friend Ashley Johnston from 5th grade. And when I walked up to her afterwards and told her how great a job she did and how she was probably my favorite character, she got all excited and let out this big "THANKS!" and gave me a hug.
She had never met me in her life.
I loved that girl. I would be friends with her in a heartbeat :)
The greatest part of the play though was the end when we were outside talking to people. The crew of Hansel and Gretel were all actors so at intermission they all wandered around dressed as the leads from the Wizard of Oz asking people where the yellow brick road was. It was actually a pretty good gag and Rachel and I know a lot of people through community theater so afterwards we caught up with some old friends of ours. Like we both talked to Cody, who was posing as the Tin Man who I did Pageant with and Rachel was in Les Miz with. Then Rachel recognized the wizard and started talking to him.
Okay, you need to be able to picture this. This kid was at least six feet tall, with blond hair under a wizard hat, wearing a spandex running suit with shorts and a t-shirt over it along with multiple layers of what was no doubt lead (or at least grease) based green paint perfectly applied to his face with a drawn on black mustache to top it off with.
Eh, I'd seen weirder at school :) Anyway we were just standin' there talkin', shootin' the breeze, chatting, whatever you wanna call it. And this is one other thing that must be made clear.
We were talking about dogs. Name one thing less sexy than and English bull mastiff and I will actually have this kid's child.
Anyway in the middle of our conversation about dogs there was a lull. This is when out of NOWHERE he goes, "You know we could totally continue this conversation if you gave me your number."
DID YOU SEE THAT!? I almost high fived this guy for how slick he shot it into the conversation. Now I know what your thinking. Drawn on mustache, green face, spandex, surely an educated girl like Alexx would never ever give her number to such a person...
I texted him last night :D
His name's Logan and he plays cello. :)
Rachel shook her head at me when we left. Then we drove Rachel home in our truck with my father, me, and then her sandwiched against each other on the seats for the drive home. It was like traveling on your couch. We rode the entire way from Hamilton back to Fairfield. We talked about Texas, Rachel mocked her religion teacher, and my dad and I tried to explain a joke. You see we were making fun of hillbillies and my dad did an official voice and said "Are you illiterate?" And then changed it to a more hick-ish voice and said "No, my parents were married." My mistake was I giggled. Thus provoked the nearly ten minute discussion of trying to explain to Rachel the humor behind mixing up the words illiterate and illegitimate. She still doesn't get it, bless her little evil heart :) The drive was really nice though. Rachel, my dad, and I get along incredibly well, so it was like driving with my own little family on the way back.
But that wasn't the best part. We were hungry when we left the play. And you know where Rachel wanted to go???
Exactly. I have now eaten slyders for three days straight. My father told me that should be considered child abuse :)


  1. Haha, much better weekend than mine. I've spent the last 4 days sick, and have been forced to attend school. Not the funnest thing in the world. ^.^ I'm glad you had a nice time though, wish I could join in lol.

  2. What it is about girls and bathroom group meetings. Even as a girl I have never figured it out and have tried to avoid them at all costs...

  3. haha, I was going to go see Monsters vs Aliens but my friend wanted to see 17 Again instead. I think I will go see Monsters Vs Aliens next week :)

  4. Seems like it was obscenely fun! I want to see Monsters vs Aliens haha =)