Friday, May 22, 2009

Before I leave...

Yes lovelies, I regret to inform you that I shall be spending my entire weekend at the cabin. Unfortunately. Yes, it is a great get away to nature and it IS my equivalent to Walden...
But the fact we're trying to go every weekend...and the fact I have A LIFE is sort of getting in the way.
But I won't focus on that right now. I'll just tell you about my nice and interesting half of a day I've had so far, then leave myself an angry reminder that I HAVE to post something about graduation day, and then I shall leave you.
All right, my nice and interesting half day. Well, to start off, Kali's birthday was yesterday. Now as you know the typical tradition on your friend's birthday is to give them the most HORRIFIC EMBARRASSING LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY GIFT YOU CAN GET THEM... or maybe you didn't know that. XD Anyways, that is our typical tradition. Which is why when I caught Gaby on the way into the band hallway and was very quickly informed of the hysterically girl present she got for Kali's sixteenth. In her hand she held a flowery pink bag, which apparently contained another pink Victoria's Secret bag, with a very dainty, delightfully feminine Disney princess brush and Cinderella hair clips and scrunchies. I could wait to see Kali's face...which was made even more hilarious when Malikyya showed up...with a dark green thong. Needless to say, when we gave Kali his gift, I couldn't breathe XD I am proud to call those people my friends.
I even had a dash of inspiration today. That I myself caused. Okay, to clarify, I have an uber long, indescribably enormous, halfway impossible to complete Bucket List in a red notebook that I carry around everywhere. I usually don't want anyone to touch it considering the quantity, and randomness of some of the goals in there (I have Learn to Seduce two spaces above Learn to Cook. Anyone who can explain to my why that is, don't) But last week I went outside 6th bell lunch and was chatting with Rillon and Jack. Rillon was trying to steal my notebook with my songs in it as usual, but when he got into my bag, he found the beaten up Life List instead. And oddly enough, he's been addicted to reading it. And today right after he rummaged through my bag to steal and continue reading it, he called me over. "Open that binder to the first page," he said pointing to a black one across the hall from us. It was filled with not book paper. And the heading on the first page said What I Want To Do Before I Die :)
I inspired him to start making a bucket list! And he had down everything from record original songs to cause an actual panic at a disco...
And number four was Be locked in a locker with a pretty girl. And that was checked off XD Ahhhh, that was fun X)


  1. hehe you naughty little girl getting yourself locked in a locker with a boy! :) Is he cute?

    Have fun at the cabin. It sounds nice!

  2. The Bucket List sounds pretty inspiring - as do the rest of your days, sounds like you're having so much fun! Envy! xx