Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Epitome of Hippie :)

I think that was the biggest compliement I've gotten in a long time. :)
All right, I had another wacky whimsical art school day, going over my recital stuff and lunch and hanging with Rillon all of 6th bell. I was also supposed to have rehearsal in Stuckey's room (band teacher) for the Class Day piece I'm working on with Gabby, Malika, Adrienne, and Paige. It was cancelled at the last minute though, not that any of us cared because we rounded up this enormous group of kids to walk to Chipotle from school. It was SO awesome and we wasted SO much time. Well, only the fifteen minutes outside of Penn Station debating on whether to go in, along with the extra five it took for Malika and Addie to take a picture of all of us leaning on a sign that said "We are Topless!" Worth it though. Walking around the city always calms me down and makes me laugh when I'm with my friends. I just couldn't help thinking today about how I'm doing all these things that the 10 year old within me never thought she'd get a chance to do. For instance (and I do not know why I can't remember the cartoon right now) I was thinking of a TV show I used to watch where this girl went to art school and hung around the city and how I though I would NEVER in a million years get to do something like that. And how I was. :) And how I wouldn't trade the fact that I was living a dream I hadn't believed could happen, for the entire world...
Even if we didn't make it to Chipotle :)
Yup. For about thirty minutes of walking Rillon, Rannie, and I never made it. We got to Fountain Square and had to turn back around to get me back to SCPA in time for me to get my stuff and have my father be blissfully unaware of the fact I'd walked all over the city today. But oddly enough, the walk back with just Rillon and Rannie was introspective in a way. I thought about what Rannie said about just catching the bus and riding to Chicago one day. She also asked me if I wanted to go into an apartment building and get an application to get an apartment. We attempted to, but the apartment was closed for some reason we couldn't figure out. It was sort of nice to see Rannie thinking about these things. Because I recognized her feelings exactly. It's the same thing I yearn for every time I see people walk where I'm not allowed to or do things I know I can't or go places with a freedom I would kill for that they take for granted. It's a prayer to break out of your shell. A prayer to live life according to the rules of no one, but yourself. And I don't know if she realized it, but I think I learned that about Rannie today...
I also learned that I run like Big Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Oh yeah. I'm cool :)
But my favorite part of the walk back was right after we determined that fact. And I have no clue what running like a cartoon character has to do with Rillon thinking this, but right after I ran across the street he goes, "You know I could really see you as a hippie." I thought it was a joke. Honestly the flower child bohemian things is actually the exact look and aura I go for, but in a school where so many people have achieved it so much better than me, I thought he was kidding. That's when Rannie made me feel awesome. By saying this.
"Uh...how could you not?"
"Yeah you're like the epitome of hippie."
I thanked them immensely for this. For a single reason. The epitome of hippie. I'd been described as the epitome of hippie. Damn right. My friend Donald that day had stopped by the office with his dreads and cargo pants to hand me a Peta brochure on animal cruelty and I won the epitome of hippie title. I meant every single syllable of every thank you I gave them :)
Guess I'm just glad the image I want is actually the one being projected to society X)


  1. Your blog is awesome...I've been reading through it today. Thanks so much for the compliments too :).

  2. it's good that you're happy for recieving a compliment, but shouldn't you be trying to go for a look and aura that is completely YOU and not a label such as 'hippy'... unless the true you is hippy :)

    thank you for you kind words.

  3. I don't mind hippies, they got care free nature and all. But the ones at my university are angry and they protest all day! I likes ones in movies that just hang out by the river and play their bongos instead of coming up to me making me sign a bunch of petitions lol!

  4. i love hippies-being called one woudl be a compliament!


  5. i remember my fave cartoon, it was angela anaconda. i love her for just being her and for her love of discovering new things about everything! and i'm glad that your are projecting the image that you want. personally, i do not mind hippies at all. i accept everyone as unique individuals, i mean, aren't we all uniquely different from each other? although i also think that hippies (or anyone for that matter) shouldn't use violence as a medium to get their message across.

    and i was wondering, are you a vegetarian/vegan?

    p/s: thanks for your comment on my previous post. i absolutely agree with you. i just hope that more parents will be willing to take the time to talk and get to know their children and try to understand them as a whole.