Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It has been a good past few days, though I have been quite weighed down with artistic duties (I complain not.:) Yes. By next week I have to get my lousy and deeply hated scene graded(cannot WAIT until that's do XP), get my solo in No One down in time perform at Class Day for the seniors, memorize my vocal parts for Oklahoma where I have to sing tenor in one song and soprano in another, magically whip together a song for my Suesical audition, and still have time to memorize the song Anything You Can Do in time to perform it for another vocal recital.
And loving every second of it :)
Well, except the scene, but that will be out of my life by Friday. I just hope Mrs. Klee still thinks I'm a hard worker.
Anyway, getting off my self pity now the past couple days have been awesome. All I did Monday was hang outside until four when I went back in to practice with the miniscule choir Paige and Jamila have set up for Class Day. We're singing No One by Alicia Keys and for a first rehearsal, we did AMAZING...and considering my straight 2 minute hug with Rillon almost made my breast bone collapse into my chest, I still managed to get a solo :) After that all I did was go outside and hang with my friends and practice my monolouge and kicking Rannie's ass in stage combat. The night actually went really well. And I did not drop my accent on my Southern monolouge the ENTIRE TIME. Only I think it's going to my head because when I was practicing Michael was pretending to be my parents and cheering and talking to me and stuff and when I insulted him it sounded like Miss Georgia had just sworn at him. I didn't even break my accent to tell Michael he was a four letter word. Happiness :)
Same with the past two days too. Everything has been fine. Like everything went perfectly smooth today. I was at school until five so during the wait for Class Day rehearsal I went to Coffee Emporium and Rannie and I attempted to straighten Michael's hair as Rannie and I mooched off all the food he got. Oh, and we figured out Zac Efron's porno name in the process. XD We were walking down Central Parkway talking about how awkward Michael looked with his hair straightened and he goes "I look like an awkward Jack Efron." I burst out laughing before I could breathe and my perverted mind went "That sounds like a porno name!" At the top of my lungs in the middle of the city. Rannie and Michael were on a busy and rainy city street with me though. And the almost fell into the ground they were laughing so hysterically.
And hanging out with Rillon the past couple days has been incredible too. He's one of my really close band geek and techie friends who's an incredible musician and a hilarious guy to be around. I never get to see him though because I'm in Drama. But the past week I've followed the saxophone music to the fifth floor every morning and hung out with him talking about jazz songs, and starting bands, and stolen things :) He even saved me yesterday from feeling left out. Here's the story.
I came into study hall late on Tuesday because of a voice lesson to find Kali and Daniel attempting to pull off the pathetic plot of telling Mrs. Cochrane that they needed to go to 6th bell lunch for a science expirement. Daniel came up with a really elaborate title for it. I think he told her that they were studying The Different Behaviors of High School Cliques. He told that to Mrs. C. and she was like, "Oh, can you name four cliques that your observing?" Daniel stammered and then walked away. Kali trying to convince me was even more sad.
"Yeah," Kali was trying to explain to me. "For an expirement. Since Daniel and I are both in chemistry we figured..."
"Daniel's in Biology Kali."
"No he's no-"
"I'm in his first bell class."
Mrs. Cochrane literally spent the first five minutes of class looking at them and then at each other and shaking our heads at how fake we knew they were. And this really made me happy considering that I had a feeling she thought I was a ho for hanging out with a group of guys every study hall. Really, from the eye of a person that knew them, I knew Kali just really wanted to talk to his girlfriend and Daniel is too much of a dick to even attempt to hold a conversation with me on his own so the answer to both of their problems was sixth bell lunch...and leaving me behind. She let them go anyhow though. And I really was beginning to feel left out while they left the room knowing full well they didn't want me to come with them.
But that was the weird thing. The second they were on their way out, Rillon showed up at the door, peeking in like the creeper he is and goes "Hey Alexx, you wanna practice that thing for Class Day?"
My knight with a saxophone strap :)
It took a couple runs back and forth between the third and first floor, but in a matter of minutes I was on my way to Dr. Rudnick's office to ask if Rillon and I could sing Sugar (best jazz song in the WORLD) for Class Day. No one was there when we walked in though. Rillon still tried to make me laugh though, because he opened the door to Dr. Izy's office and said in a high pitched voice "Hey Dr. Rudnick. Yeah, we were just, uh wondering if we could sing dis little song for Class Day?...what? Oh, okay. Bye."
"Was he even in there?"
"Nope." It didn't matter though. We both knew full well there was probably no way in our mere exsistence that we could ever hope for Rudnick to let us do our act for Class Day. And it didn't matter at all. Because we just spent the entire sixth bell in Mr. Stuckey's room, fooling around on his incredible keyboard and trying to figure out what to write a song about. We even went to senior showcase together. For those of you who aren't SCPAers by the way (which is pretty much, um...EVERYONE in my following x) ) Senior Showcase is when all the majors come together to put on this enormous showcase of musical acts and dances for their last big SCPA performance. It was soooo good. JJ sang a song to his girlfriend, Lucas was voted most likely to be president (not a suprise :), and a girl who couldn't sing at all sang a song that almost perfectly described my relationship with Daniel.
Then there was also this random group thrown in there called The Cupcakes.
Yeah...Rillon and I were kinda scared by that.
But the greatest act of the entire show, by far, was Jeremy's monolouge. After two hours of mind numbing modern/ballet dance solos and jazz songs (okay it wasn't mind numbing...at all, but still) I figured the drama majors had just been forgotten. Until Jeremy's piece came. Jeremy was dragged out by another Drama student. He was sat simply on a chair in front of a microphone, with his button up shirt turned wrong side around to make it look like a straight jacket.
And it was one of the most haunting, welldone, riveting, all out shitlessly scary monolouges I've ever had the privledge to see performed. I'll have to get the name for you, but oh my God. I couldn't move when he was done. It was one of those uneasily moving performances where you have to take a breath and draw yourself back to reality once it's over...
The second it ended, Rillon stood up and shot out of the auditiorium! XD
Haha, wimp :)


  1. Good luck with all your performances and auditions. You're so brave, I'd probably die from nervousness.

  2. sounds like a great day! Good luck with your performances :D