Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Great Pants Attack

All righty then, I am currently working on a blog about Graduation Day on Tuesday, but for unfortunate reasons involving the fact it won't be a quick and easy blog, and I go to rehearsal in 58 minutes, I need something short and sweet to write about. Meaning you will get the story of the pants attack, instead of the story of Kali in Victoria's Secret.
I'm sorry. I promise that one's coming. :)
Now a few weeks ago, I was waiting outside with Rannie when I noticed the colorful, Sharpie ridden shirt she was wearing. It was apparently from last year, and Rannie had made anyone and everyone she knew at school sign it on the last day, right before summer. Awesome idea, I thought. I should do that! So starting last week on Class Day, armed with my small white SCPA shirt and a rainbowlike barrage of the colorful brand name pens, I forced all of my friends to sign nearly every square inch of this tiny article of clothing.
It is fuggin amazing.
TONS of people in TONS of different colors wrote myriads of different things. My friend Jack who plays mandolin wrote his name in huge purple letters diagonally down the back. A kickass druggie girl named Faith wrote "ALEXX EFFING ROCKS!" in blue by my chest. An exchange student named Hannah (obviously) wrote "Hannah is so cool GO GERMANY". Even Daniel got into the spirit of my shirt and drew an enormous thumbs up sign on the back. (Dirty inside joke involving the day we met. Believe me, if you don't know, I'm sure you're perfectly happy if you're ignorant of its origins X) )
The only problem was, after all these awesome people signed my shirt, it was getting rather cramped. It's a very small shirt, so I just figured that though it was unfortunate, not all of my friends would get to sign it. I came to this realization outside waiting for my ride yesterday when Skylar, Craig, and Adam were attempting to find a place to sign.
Okay, I had ONE LITTLE star drawn on my jeans, because I got bored in History one day. In fact, I'd forgotten it was there. That's when Craig goes, "Oh you're letting people sign your jeans? ME FIRST!"
"Yeah!" Rannie agreed.
"Wait!" I said, still not fully registering that people are trying to sign other clothing items. "Okay, how're we gonna do this?"
"Lay down!"
Next thing I know, I'm sprawled across the lap of Craig, Skylar, and Rannie, and people are descending on me like flies on an unattended ice cream cone, eager to sign my pants. Poor Adam just stood there in awe as all the surrounding civilians started attacking me. I don't even know where these people came from! Craig wrote "All of this is mine" down my thigh and Rannie wrote "MINE! - Rannie" On one of my pockets. What was even funnier, was a girl who I SWEAR I have never seen in my life rushed over to the hubbub and goes "Wait who are we signing? Oh Alexx? I wanna sign Alexx!"
It was perfectly fine though and boy was it a sight when my aunt pulled up. My feminine, fairly conservative, Alexx is a good little girl aunt pulled up next to me laughing hysterically sprawled across the laps of two of my guy friends...and Rannie of course :) I couldn't help myself. I lifted my arm through the crowd and let out a whooping "HI JENNIFER! Gimme a minute will you?"
Ahhh, that was fun to explain on the way home X)


  1. hehe sounds like a fun day! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. sounds fun. we had similar thing when we finished high school - except this was a strict, all-girls one where we weren't allowed to graffitti our white pants or green-checkered pinafores. so we secretely signed on the pants from knee up - got poked by a pen is some rather delicate areas. ;)

    have fun graduating :)

  3. rofl! did you get to talk to the mysterious girl?
    glad you had so much fun! :D

  4. I love having people sign shirts at the end of (camp, or the school year, etc...), at my high school graduation we just signed pieces of cardstock paper. Which is not as cool as shirts, I must say, but the messages and all, were still great to read. And wow, now you have a pair of one of a kind jeans to go with your one of a kind shirt, and a great amount of reading material should you be wearing them when you're bored some day later on. ;)

    Thanks for your comment, and in reply to your question: yes, I write all the content on my blog. :) I'm so flattered you like it, thanks! <3