Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hahahaha, boyfriend XD

You know what tastes quite incredible? Stolen kettle corn. Especially when eaten with one of your friends in a crammed private lesson room on the third floor of a 101 yearold building. And you know what is incredibly fun? Riding on your friends back as he jumps down innumerable flights of stairs and whizzs past Adam Green.
You should try it sometime :) And I think Rillon and Craig deserve an Epicness Award for their fatabulous stunts today. Rillon is the one who was in charge of the kettle corn. We were hanging out 6th bell like we usually are and as we were walking down the band hallway, we noticed a bunch of people with these bags of kettle corn like the size of a baby...I have no clue why I just used that description, but it really was about that big. XD Anyhow, we walked by this one girl at her locker with a huge bag of it on the ground next to her. She was telling us how our friend Gabby apparently had a ton of it and had just finished giving it to people and then she yelled at Rillon (as most people often do) before she went back to the business of what was inside her locker. And right as she turned around Rillon and I started to walk away. And that is when Rillon, in one smooth, crisp, beautiful movement, slyly picked up the popcorn and started walking faster. She did not move. We walked casually through the closest door and then shot up to the third floor private lesson rooms and ate it and attempted to play piano for twenty minutes. :)
Craig's Epicness Award, obviously, is deserved for the fact he is one of the most random hyper people I know. He caught me in the hall and asked me to walk outside with him. We were about to turn onto the stairs when out of nowhere he goes "Hey, wanna ride down the steps on my back?"
Did you expect me to say no? :)
Exactly. So with me on his back, he bounded down the stairs like a hyper golden retriever while I clung to his back for dear life. But hitting the second floor was the best. Because once Craig started pounding down the stairs at top speed, is when I saw Adam, awkward little Christian boy who is so obviously in love with me, round the corner. He looked at me like I'd just grown a third eye. Oh and did I mention I'm in a dress? No, don't worry, nothing was exposed. Which is the exact reason why when Craig hit the landing I let out a whooping "HI ADAM!" At the top of my lungs before Craigel bounded any further down the stairs. I love that man XD
And even after those amazing examples of epicness, I actually was fullfilled today. Because not only did I go to reahearsal, but I apparently rocked my vocal recital. Ah recitals. They are cruel, cruel things...
I love how mine went perfectly well and I still refuse to get over my microphone incident. (Hey the light was green! Green=ON. Green does NOT equal MUTE!!!)
But no, the microphone malfunction is not what I am focusing on. I actually did a lot better than I thought I would. Everyone did a great job. This little kid, who's...what ten? He's microscopic compared to Mrs. Routt's (my vocal teacher's) normal teenage students, but he's probably more talented than most of us combined. He sang two songs and didn't forget a single word. Except maybe Rosie who sang Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening and then sawed away masterfully at her fiddle, both times looking like she was doing something as commonplace as watching TV. Emily was great too. I loved her Italian song.
What was even crazier though was the nursing home we were singing at was the place where Nick Lachey's grandparents lived! And they came and saw the show! They're very nice people...and they compliemented me :) I sang Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better from Annie Get Your Gun with my voice teacher , but afterwards my family and I were talking to them about how The School for Creative and Performing Arts is such a special place. "It really is," I told them. "I've only been here for one year and I'm not goin' anywhere."
"Well you've made good use out of it young lady!" his grandfather said. Needless to say, I felt quite good :)
Still though, I can't wait to go to school tomorrow. That's because of what Mrs. Routt said about Daniel, who was supposed to sing with me, but then bailed so he could go see a play. So during my introduction while Mrs. Routt set up my mike and music she said "Yes. Frank Butler's Annie's boyfriend and Alexx's boyfriend bailed on her so I'm singing with her tonight." I almost fell over in laughter. I can't wait to see the look on Daniel's face when I inform him he's my boyfriend XD

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