Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm am one lucky ho:)

I cannot believe the school I go to. Why they let me in is completely beyond me.
I know it's a little late, but Thursday night, I went to go see Corbetts for the first time. Corbetts is an annual competition at SCPA, sponsered by the Corbett Mayerson Foundation where all the juniors come together and display their art forms. Thursday was the finals where a few dancers, musical theatre students, writers, instrumentalists, writers, a techie, an artist, and a drama major each had six minutes to display their art forms.
If SCPA expects me to be this talented, I should just go back to Catholic school. Now.
You wouldn't have believed these kids were sixteen and seventeen. There was a cellist who sawed and strummed an incredibly complicated tune like she'd been doing it since she was born. A musical theater major named Zach did a Durang monologue and sang Tonight at Eight and Your Eyes like a professional. So did the other girl competing for musical theatre. Allix danced to Burgundy Shoes in ways that I didn't know the human body could bend. And a kid I see all the time in the band room played Cherokee on trombone. I didn't know sounds like that could come out of a trombone!
Writers wrote epic poems, and novels, and scenes that left you begging for more. And the techie choreographed a light show to Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney.
Okay. When Jesus descends from Rock and Roll Heaven, that is the light show he's coming down to.
So there we all sat, all my band and writer friends, mesmerized at the sites before us. When the artist came up, all of us moved so we could get a better look at the vibrant warm colors in her work. Once the girl read an excerpt from her novel, Maggie looked over at me. "I feel like a jackass" she said with a grin. We agreed, and then I called dibs with Natalie on the musical theatre major.
At the end of the show, I didn't catch any of the performers, but Rannie caught me going down the steps. Sitting by Maggie and Natalie(Who decided with me that each of us ooze awesomeness :) had gotten me hyped to a dangerous level. "I GO TO SCHOOL HERE!" I declared as Rannie descended down the staircase laughing at the high I was on. But, it was the way home made me realize just how fantastic my life is. I never dreamed I'd be doing anything like this. And here I am in the best art school in the country with a bunch of artistic friends, in an artistic setting, drinking in every aspect of art and culture. I don't know why this school ever let me in. These kids were talented beyond words. I hope I can learn to be as good as them, but for now, after watching a performance that fantastic, I'm perfectly content standing in their shadow :)


  1. let them inspire you to be a better artist in the future. more power to you! :))

  2. sounds amazing. wish i could see it.