Monday, May 11, 2009

Okay, here's the happiness I promise :)

Today was another fantastic day for a multitude of random reasons.
Days like this make me smile :)
For starters, I had the first civilized, friendly, happy conversation I've had with Daniel in a long time. That made me feel great. He's SO AWESOME to talk to when he doesn't feel like being a dick. Him, Katie Hoffecker, Brianna Hansen, and I had a long chat during 3rd bell because our drama teacher wasn't here. It was really pleasant actually. I love having pure, untainted conversations with people I like. Especially Katie and Brianna because I want to be friends with them very much, but I don't always get a chance to talk to them. Plus Katie and I both love The Green Mile, so that was an interesting thing to have in common. And Daniel's seen the Usual Suspects! :D Yeah, in case you couldn't tell, we talked about movies...and serial killers. Hey, horror movies were involved. And I did not know this, but I happen to have pretty vast knowledge of some of the world's most famous serial killers. I am a little creeped out by this fact. X) Another topic of conversation was how we met people too. I asked Katie where I met her and then told her about how I met Daniel. In the back of a fifth grade classroom on the first day of school. We laughed about a magnet was supposed to be a thumbs up sign...but looked NOTHING like that. "Aw that's cute!" Katie said. "Now if you guys get married you'll have a story."
Silence XD "Not saying you'll get married just-"
"Actually that would be kind of funny," I said after I thought about it (I also wanted to save Katie from any awkwardness) "Mommy how did you and Daddy meet? Well honey, it was the first day of high school, we saw a magnet that looked like a boner and we've been together ever since!" That made her laugh. I love making Katie Hoffecker laugh :)
Study hall was interesting too. Probably because I didn't go to it. This would be because Rillon and I went to "practice" our song. Meaning we spent forty minutes in the second floor hallway beating each other up over a notebook. He wrote songs and he would NOT let me see them unless it was over his dead body. Luckily his friend got in on beating him up though when he attempted to crash his choir class. Only problem was when this kid reached to grab him by the shoulders, he forgot that the short white girl was in the middle. In other words, I was between two huge black guys duking it out...and I carried on a conversation with the guy beating up Rillon. He was in the middle of strangling him and all I said was "Hey I'm Alexx. "
"Ian," he said with a huge smile.
"Nice to meet you." So I stood between him and Rillon and discussed whether the women near should be used as blockage when the men are attacked. He was a nice guy :) Then Rillon signed me up for book club...and chess club. He wrote NERD next to my name :)
I loved after school too even! I got to see Craig for the first time in ages. I missed the guy. He gives awesome hugs. :) And Adam said something really cute before he left for the bus. Okay, I owe my friend Miranda a Fruit By The Foot (long, sad, oddly funny story. Don't ask XD) and when I gave it to her, him and Skylar went crazy. "Hey where's mine!?"
"You hit me in the face on Friday!" I told Skylar (He really did. But don't worry, it was by mistake and it wasn't bad.)
"I'm nice to you ALL THE TIME," Adam said.
"Dude, that's just because you like her," Skylar pointed out. Adam was quiet for five seconds before he went.
"That is a whole different thing that is unrelated to fruit rollups!" You kind of had to be there, but I really thought it was cute. :) We gave him crap for almost openly admitting to liking me until he left for the bus. :)
Uggg, I REALLY need to ask him the thing about gay marriage. I need a good time to do it...hmm...maybe I could get Skylar talking about it. Everyone's a little less evil when Skylar's talking about politics. Mainly because Skylar's an idiot when it comes to anything involving the world outside his own. Ah idiots. God bless them and their stupidity. :) Wait, but maybe he's a homophobe too...
NO I am not deciding this now! It is 10:30 on a school night, I have clothes to lay out, and a song to ingrain into my head tomorrow, and a body going through puberty that is SCREAMING for sleep. X)
Nighty night. I'll write more tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun :) Wish I could say the same lol.