Sunday, May 3, 2009

Patches of Blue and Spots of Red

Uhhhh. Yesterday was so good and today is going to be yesterday's equivalent of boring. I have an enormous to do list considering that this is one of the first days this week I've had free time. Meaning that I have to
1. Finish typing my book report on A Patch of Blue and rewrite the two things that need rewritten for English
2. Go over my Drama night monologue like my life depends on it being flawless (which it kind of does considering I dropped my scene)
3. Do the Biology homework for Anderson's class that was supposed to be finished Friday
4. Sing along with the chords of the song I wrote and then check to see if Suesical auditions will accept CDs
Oh yeah, and I have to get presents for Abigail, Kelci, and my little brother who are all people I love who happen to have birthday's in the same two day span of Monday and Tuesday...well I don't necessarily love Abigail. Her gift is kind of more like a peace offering considering I want to be her friend and she seems to have no care for my mere existence. Or that could be untrue. I dunno, bottom line is I like her so she gets chocolate. :)
AND I have to blog to you about yesterday and how I hung out with this really nice girl named Laura at Oklahoma rehearsal and we walked to McDonald's and chilled on the playground and talked about creepy people, and crushes, and guys the whole time before we were called in to be assigned solos. And how I get to start off the song Out of My Dreams and how great that is because I'm going to get a chance to sing soprano when I have never gotten to do that due to my man voice....
Oh. Well it looks like I just did. :) Well in that case, I better go work. Ciao lovelies! I shall blog later.


  1. Haha, Sounds like you had fun yesterday, and I'm sure today will be a good day as well :) And yeah, I'm in Kentucky so we get out for derby ^.^'' its too bad Ohio doesn't, you're not that far lol.

  2. good luck with the birthday shopping! =)