Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Am The Most Awesome Person In The World

Second only to the host of the party I went to today.
I went straight from rehearsal to Lucas's Graduation Party.
And I am feeling SO FRIGGING HAPPY!:D
So much to tell, and so much mental wander. Should I blog? Or should I keep it especially to myself? Should I be this happy even though a bunch of the seniors didn't seem to care much about me when I was in their conversation? DID they care much about me? Is there a reason that I'm so indescribably fulfilled at the moment? Am I weird for this? Probably, I am quite the freak if I do say so myself...
Oh my God, ecstasy. I was the only freshmen there. ME. He could've invited so many more cultured, worthy people, and he invited ME. XD


  1. when i was your age... (that's making me sound really old!! i'm only 20, i swear!)

    i was friends with all the seniors in my HS. so yeah!

    sounds cool/normal to me :)

  2. yay~! this made me giddy and excited. lol!

    ps; i've been busy as well, so please forgive my late comments.