Friday, June 5, 2009

I Love Hanging Out With 5th Graders!!!...that didn't sound creepy at all...

I really do! Today was one of the last days of school for my little brother and my mom dragged me to this picnic that had at a park near his school. I didn't realize how much I needed to go outside XD My mom woke me up this morning making it clear that I had to get moving to go to Evan's picnic. So I did. I moved all the way downstairs to
the couch. And fell back asleep. You know what it's like to get ready in fifteen minutes when you aren't fully conscious? Not fun. Not really fun at all. Especially when your head feels like a ball of grease...yeah I should probably still take care of that...
On the bright side though I ran into a bunch of kids that apparently knew me from when I went to Sacred Heart (where my brother goes now.) My friend Liz's little sister along with my friend Christina's little sister attacked me when I got there. Sarah and Megan. I didn't even know Sarah Rader remembered who I was, but apparently I was wrong. We even ran into one of my old directors. I got to talk to her for the first time in almost exactly a year about her new projects and how you learn the most random special skills during shows.
But what was even better is what came after I got home. I scrubbed myself down in the shower and right when I was feeling clean I decided to call Rachel (best friend Rachel. Not Katie's Rachel or the Rachel at my school...just to clarify XD ) "Hey are you at your mom's?"
"Can I walk over?"
"Is, uh, now okay."
Five minutes later she called me back and told me to bring a bathing suit. I felt my wet hair. "Okay."
We swam around in her pool for about forty-five minutes talking about guys, and people we knew, and how we should name clothing lines after different diseases. Oh, and the fact that my friend Colin was the one that told her I was trying out for Broadway (because Colin just randomly brags about me...? Yeah, can't necessarily explain that one) After a while though, we were craving some ice cream from The Dip, this ice cream place within walking distance of our houses. But we were FREEZING. So after the fifteen to twenty minutes it took for us to drag our sorry asses OUT of her pool, we ran inside and immediately put on 78 degree weather in June. xD Cuz we are cool like that. Only problem was that I was freezing and all I had was a thin towel, shorts, and a T-shirt. So Rachel, having the heart of gold she does (the heart of gold that probably just made her pee herself in laughter when I said she had a heart of gold) lent me some sweat pants and a huge Badin hoodie. Yet it took me until I locked myself in the bathroom to change to realize one thing. I'm five one. And I have fairly nice hips I guess you would say...
Rachel's five seven and has MUCH better hips than I do. And I wore her pants and hoodie in public.
Actually, even better is the fact that Rachel's family is pretty well off so her mom had this classy arrangement of perfumes for guests to use in her bathroom. So I was the girl with grungy hair in oversized sweats...that smelled like Chanel perfume XD
After ice cream we went back to Rachel's house, watched some MTV and then laid on her trampoline and had an interesting conversation. It was half deep and half about all the things we were going to have in our dream house like a zoo room, a runway room, a garage for only our clothes, and a room with a pimped out climber that was going to be in our words like "a McDonald's playground, combined with a Chuck E Cheese play set, times five". The conversation got so intense that we decided that we simply had to call my mother and ask her if Rachel could come over so we could plot this dream house of ours...we didn't do anything all night except pretend to watch Disney movies, talk about deep things that people did to me in my past (don't worry nothing COMPLETELY criminal.), and made Rachel a life list on (a site I HIGHLY recommend to everyone :) along with added stuff to my own. And it was awesome. We woke up this morning and talked about Rachel's relationship with my dad...which is HILARIOUS to watch because my best friend and my father are essentially the same people just one is younger and of a different gender, while we ate waffles and drank homemade lattes by my mom. Then after the intensive lack of sleep, we dropped Rachel off before my mom carted me to rehearsal.
And now as I sit here typing this, the fact that I did all this and woke up at two is starting to catch up with me. I'll talk to you guys later. XD Thanks for listening as always!


  1. sounds like you had a pretty full day.

  2. Sounds like a fun day! I wish the weather is warm enough here that we can swim in pools. Have fun at the Lynard Skynard concert! :)