Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Okay. I Am Getting Down To Business...NOW

I CANNOT keep screwing around all summer. This hit me when I woke up at twelve thirty thsi afternoon after I'd slept in till eleven thirty and scrambled to get ready for my friends to come pick me up yesterday. (It was awesome by the way. We saw Dance Flick and took a bunch of pictures in Bass Pro Shoppe...NO! STAY ON TASK!) I haven't honestly done anything truly productive all summer other than be in Oklahoma, and even that I haven't been trying to hard at. (But my director likes me apparently. He said something really nice about my voice when I screwed up my solo. He was like "No Minnie Mouse stuff! You have one of the best voices! I've seen your audition I know what you can do!" Which is odd considering my audition was thrown together the day before and my solo sounded like a mouse in a trap-UGGGG! NO! STOP GETTING SIDETRACKED!)
Anyway, the point is, I made a to do list last night and started thinking about all the things I have to do by the time three months are up. I mean, I go to New York to further expand my musical theater career, in FOUR WEEKS. In that time, I have to finish taking health online, scrub my room spotless so I have a place to come back to, and at least make a dent in the two books I have to consume for my summer reading project...which also includes writing a full length report on a writer from the approved list which I haven't even CHOSEN yet. (Though, I am attempting to keep my anger in when I found out Emerson wasn't on the list. Stupid evil public school system...that I, uh, chose to be a part of) Oh, and did I mention that Oklahoma shows in two weeks, I have an entire Bucket List that needs to be worked on, and by the way I have this insane mission of toning up and adopting some new beauty habits so I'm especially hot for sophomore year. Plus, there's a little brother rebounding off my desk chair right now begging me to play with him. And I need to find time to ask the blogging community my question...
I've got a lot of work to do.

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  1. have a great summer! i'm sure you'll get a lot accomplished! =)