Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wondifical Astoundiful Place That Is Brentwood Swim Club

Whoa, I can't believe how insane it's been. This always happens to me. I don't think I'll have anything to do over the summer and then an entire realm of people calling me and things to do opens up. I complain not though :)
Friday was the beginning of it all. I spent the day at my grandparents, ran home, and then saw Night at the Smithsonian with my family (HIGHLY recommended by the way. DEFINITELY does the first movie justice.) Saturday and Sunday were the big days though. Saturday I woke up early and was shuttled off to Girl Scout Program Aide training. Fun, fun fun :P Honestly, Girl Scouts was something that... Well honestly, it's kind of like how you view your family when your five. You think they're fantastic and incredible and flawless...then you turn thirteen and you happen to realize Uncle Carl's a drama queen, Cousin Freddy's a delinquent, and Aunt Mindy has a drinking problem. Get it now? Good. :)
And after that fun barrel of monkeys, I was carted off to Oklahoma rehearsal that wasn't NEARLY as painful as I thought it would be, luckily. And then when I finally got home, I got a call from Rachel. "Hey, we should do something tonight," she'd said on the other line. I agreed heavily. And next thing I knew we were in the basement eating popcorn, watching Hercules, and cat fighting over of all things, a quilt. Ah Rachella. I love thee :)
Sunday, by far though, was the greatest. Because I woke up to the phone. Yeah, I know, typically that really sucks. But it was the complete opposite...I just didn't realize it until my dad made me get out of bed.
"You need to answer the phone," I detected him saying through my groggyness. "Now." I snatched it from his hand and rubbed my eye.
"Heeellooooooo?" I droaned.
"Good morning sunshine."
KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Okay, for those of you who do not have the incredible luck to be blessed with the knowledge of Katie Leigh Rouse, she is one of the coolest people on the planet. She's my twenty-two year old cousin and she's the person that everyone needs in their life that will always be there for you. And I woke up to her calling to ask if I could hang out with her :)
"Yeah I woke up this morning, drove over to my mom's and she was like 'Oh Alexx wrote you a letter.' So I sat down and I read it and I called her to ask her if she wanted to go to the pool." she told people at the pool later. "It was like 'Awww. I need to see Alexx today'. "
The pool was fun. It was the first time I'd been there in close to a year, and I usually only get to go there once. Finneytown, where all my dad's relatives live, has this rinky dink little podunk pool called the Brentwood Swim Club. And during the summer that's where my aunt and her friends and all the other ladies sit around in their bathing suits and gossip and smoke cigarettes and talk about how difficult life is. It's a pretty classy place, I must admit. Last year my aunts friend asked me to hold her cigarette while she got into the pool. I know. It's simply heartwarming that people now and days are realizing the importance of getting someone to hold onto your nictotine so you can pull yourself onto your raft. :)
All Katie did was brag on me the whole time too, making me tell people about New York and telling them herself how I wrote, sung, and acted and wrote plays and was "the coolest kid she'd ever met in her life." I love how I'd never told Katie about any form of play I was attempting to write, and yet she came up with writing plays. Katie and her mom (my aunt Jennifer) are growing more alike the more I see them. They don't even need real factual things to brag on me with. They just need an idea, and if they run out of things for the sake of their rhythm of speech they can make something up. In both instances I just sort of sat back and blush. I'm really not that great. My friend Christina went to Ireland with Cincinnati Children's Choir before 8th grade. And my friend Marty considered writing six plays just an annoying workload.
And while she wasn't bragging on my Katie was going on about how worried she was that my aunt would be mad at her. My other cousin you see, Jessie, was moving into her new apartment across the street that day. And since I was at the pool and doing nothing and saw them carrying all the stuff in, I felt bad and ran across the street to go help them move stuff. I guess that made Katie have some sympathy so she took the keys and ran over to my aunt Diane's to attempt to take Gracie (the baby of the family) off her hands so she wouldn't have to watch her while everyone was helping Jessie. And after being the little kid of the move and running back and forth making everyone laugh because of how hard I was working, it was a little weird to see Katie pull up in a huff. "You're mom is mad at me!" she said to Jessie. She went on to explain how she went to go take the baby off her hands and my aunt wouldn't look at her and was angry about her not being there to help Jessie and how she held grudges and would be mad at her for a month, etc., etc. I couldn't tell how much of it was Katie's dramatic world and how much was Punkin's actual anger. But it all seemed to clear up when Rachel came :)
Now with the vast majority of Rachel's I know, one being the bubbly girl that saved me from passing out and another being my bestest friend. But this is an entirely new Rachel, who's Katie's best friend. And she's the sweetest, nicest, most loving person person you would ever meet. She has that infectious joy where no matter what happened to you that day, if you lost your job because a rabid chipmunk bit you on the way to work, if Rachel shows up at your house afterwards, you can't help, but smile around her. And it turns out that I'll get to hang out with her and Katie all summer! Katie has Sunday through Wendsday off all summer and she told me she would pick me up and take me to the pool on Sundays. And both of them started planning insanely when I told them something.
"Yeah you guys have to meet this band!" Katie was raving to us, trying to get our minds off the thought that Rachel told us she might move to Texas. (More details on that later.) "They were SO awesome. On guy rapped and there was a guy on gutair and two other guys that sang. And it was...Oh my God, it was like no thing I've ever heard. It was kind of like Kid Rock mixed with...Kid Rock. You guys have to meet them." Of course though, they were performing somewhere a fourteen-year-old couldn't get into. :P "Well Alexx, you can come to their house and hear them play or something, I'll make sure you meet them."
"I know, I just really wanted to see them perform. I've never been to a concert." Of course Katie and Rachel couldn't have that. Meaning the second I said that the next thing I heard was, 'Oh, we'll get you to a concert.'
"Oh, you guys are NEVER going to believe this one!" Katie told us once we got around to planning our concert attacking. "Kid Rock and Lynard Skynard are coming to Cincinnati and guess how much the tickets are." I tried to figure out the radical amount of money tickets to that awesome concert would cost. 100? "A hundered dollars for four." An enormous smile broke over my face. I could afford that...for once.
"That's one reason you can't move to Texas," I told Rachel later. "You have to go see Lynard Skynard with us."
I think it has potential to be a good summer.'s gonna be a good summer :)


  1. haha...
    you are very entertaining to read.

  2. Wow, lol, sounds like you've had a better week than me ;) I'm glad you've found things to do this summer rather than just sitting around going, "Oh, what video game should I play today..." Yeah, that's me lol.

  3. haha sounds like a great week! Oooh you're going to see Lynard Skynard? Didn't know he was stil around performing!