Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dance Bag? I'm an actress I don't know how to do this! XD

You know, if you ever need to remind yourself about how much you dislike your body, go leotard shopping. Really. You'll feel good about yourself for a whole five minutes before you realize you're squeezing into an extra large because you have too many curves to fit into your usual small. :)
Yup, I went leotard shopping for the first time in my life today. Never have I been so inspired to become anorexic as I was trying to squeeze into those spandex body corsets. The lady at the desk was like 'What do you wear a small?' Of course I wear small. I always wear small for probably every shirt I wear. But apparently when you're shopping for leotards you multiple your actually size by at least three. Considering I forced myself into a small and it made the thing Keira Knightly was shoved into in the first Pirates movie look like a nightgown.
I got one that fit though. Even if it took a few lung ruptures to find. But luckily I got it along with ballet shoes, tap shoes, and a ton of Soffee shorts...and these awesome black and pink skull leg warmers!:D My dance bag for New York is gonna be SWEET. Which brings me to my question.
I'm fasting from Blogger for a few days so I don't get distracted from getting ready for New York. So I have ONE HUGE question.

If you were going to performing arts camp in New York City, and you were me, what would you pack?

Seriously guys I need a packing list! Please comment with ideas! Thanks!

PS Oh and in other news, I hung out with Rachel yesterday. My mom dropped me and Evan off at her house and we played pool and talked about Starlight Express and walked around her street. Oh and the best part was when Catie called me. My friend Catie Wells calls me everyday and today I didn't feel like talking because I was with Rachel. So after she called my cell about three times (Yeah. Yeah she'll do that) I handed it to Rachel. And in a flawless Apu voice she picked it up to go "HAL-O?"
"Hello is Alexx there?"
"No I know no Alexx. I sell you chicken?"
"Oh, I have the wrong'-"
She hung up XD Oh Rachel. I love you.


  1. I haven't needed a leotard in years, but swimsuit shopping completely kills my confidence. Nothing seems to look good unless it's extremely padded.

    I can't give packing advice because I'm one of those people that takes 3 weeks worth of stuff for a weekend trip. I can never make up my mind when it comes to what I will or won't need.

  2. i sell you chicken, ha ha

    keira knightley is old news, you must replace her atop hollywood's a-list

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  4. * LOTS of summer-y dresses that you can just THROW on when it's hot out...

    * a small and convenient purse for going out/shopping with

    * band-aids... duh
    * your normal performing stuff (duh)

    * something semi-formal for the fun of it

    * comfy/stylish shoes you can walk in

    * MONEEEyYYYY (lots of it, there will be so many thing you will want to buy)

    * a lightweight, chic scarf

    * flats

    * an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks no matter how you were feeling before you put it on

    ...i know i'm forgetting something....

  5. lmao! rachel is just crazy! such a great friend! i wish i could help you but i'm not much of a packer. i just can't do it. lol!

  6. i just got addicted to your blog :| i read every single post >_<

    thank you for your lovely comment on mine^^


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