Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yes, I'm aware I've denied you for the better part of...over a week XP

Wow, if there are blog police I need to be beaten at this point. I've neglected you for a while haven't I? Well, uh, the best I can say is sorry and it's been the week from hell. Show week has overlapped with Girl Scout camp (Which is not something you necessarily NEED to hear about, but I'm just telling you) and when that was over I was in the city for a day and then the cabin (Ah the cabin. The land of nonexsistent calories.) for the most uneventful, fireworks free Fourth of July of my life and...wait! I think everything I've done can be summed up in these two letters I wrote to my cousin. Sort of long, but then again, I have been absent for over a week. Here you go!

June 29th, 2009

Dear Katie,
Oh my God, you just called me and it made me want to write you another letter so badly! I miss you! And honestly what you said on the phone a couple minutes ago was one of the nicest things anyone’s said to me in a long time. I have such a cool awesome older cousin! :D I love how I couldn't’t think of anything to reply though. That’s a problem of mine. When people say crazily sweet, completely kind, and all round heartwarming things to me, I go into such a bad case of love shock I can’t think of anything else to say back. I should work on that. Hmm…
Anyway, I’m sorry I’m typing this, but I have so much to tell you and I type faster than I write. Maybe I’ll doodle something on it to make it more personal or something like that. Okay, I’ll start at Friday when I lost my orange letter notebook. Actually the main reason I was really pissed at losing that notebook was because I’d written you this really long, insane letter about Lucas. Because I’m so sure you’re definitely not sick of being bombed with letters about him now. XD He wanted to come to the show! I was so excited! I posted something on Facebook about being happy with opening night and out of nowhere Lucas wrote underneath my status ‘You have a show? You had better let me know where and when and what. The how is obvious’ Ah!!! It was actually pretty cute how much I freaked out, even though unfortunately, he didn’t show. It was okay though. I mean one; he’s working the opera this summer (Another minor detail I didn’t get to tell you about the party. He said he’d invite me sometime! Yes, a STRAIGHT guy invited me to the frigging OPERA. Jealous yet? :)
And two, I still have his book. Joke’s on him :)
Saturday was awesome too. I’ll send you that letter when I’m done with it, because it’s on the back of directions to the cast party like I told you and for some reason I find it hysterical that I stole useful information on a cast party I’m not even going to because I’m that addicted to writing to you. Not that it mattered that I wasn’t going to the cast party though. You know why? Okay, you’re going to flip when you first hear this, but guess what I did Saturday night?
I went to a bar with a bunch of twenty-year-olds from the show! XD
I honestly did! Well, okay the original plan was to go to Brentwood Bowl and we did, but of course since all the people I was with were over twenty and had just done a show, they weren’t really in the mood to actually bowl. But it was hilarious how it was me in the middle of a bunch of adults. And they actually looked out for me! It was so cute! The girl who played Ado Annie was like “Well they wanna go in and drink, but I’m not just gonna leave her out here by herself!”
“Oh my God I know!” Erin agreed. She’s was the really pretty, brunette who was dance captain for the show and did my hair and makeup every night. “We’re not just gonna be like ‘Yeah, peace Alexx!’ and leave her out here all alone!” So Kelly (aka Ado Annie) actually asked the people working and figured out that I could be in the room, just anyone underage had to stay ten feet away from the bar. So they got me a Sprite and proceeded to hold the ten feet rule against me. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in the bar in Brentwood Bowl, but leading up to it, there’s a carpeted area and we guessed that a the tile area started at the ten feet mark. So every time I put one foot over the carpet touching tile mark, Erin, Kelly, and John would scream “TEN FEET ALEXX! TEN FEET!” And also, it turns out that I’m Ali Hakim’s favorite kid. Ben gave me this reason when I apparently said something funny after he made a comment along the lines of ‘Hey little girl, aren’t you hittin’ that Sprite pretty hard?’
“She’s my favorite. You know why I like her?” Ben said. “Cuz she has a really quick wit for a fourteen-year-old. She’s like the female Oscar Wilde.”
“Thanks Ben, that actually means a lot.”
“Not really,” he said once he realized he said something that could’ve been taken as a compliment. “Oscar Wilde’s not really that great.”
“Edgar Allen Poe,” John, who played Curly, piped up.
“Not exactly known for wit John. More known for depressing stuff.”
“It’s okay Alexx,” Kelly laughed. “You can be the first emo kid of 1906.”
“Yeah,” I said laughing back. “I’ll be behind the schoolhouse with my black nail polish and thick eye makeup singing Green Day in my dress.”
That made her laugh. And that made me smile. Actually I only really stayed for an hour, but it was so much fun. The humor was so stupid. Kelly and I discussed my newfound emoness and she asked me about plays I’d been in before. I made Ben laugh and drank my Sprite and laughed even harder at the end of the night when Kelly and Erin came over to hug me good-bye.
“You gonna be okay?” They asked, both of them faking completely solemn voices. “You know, you were gettin’ pretty crazy with the Sprite and all…are you sure you can drive home?”
“Man, I know, I got pretty insane there,” I agreed. “It’s okay though, you know, I called my mom, I think she’s gonna drive me home.” Then I proceeded to fake a stumble that made them giggle.
I really loved hanging out with them. Things like that made me realize that what my dad said about quitting drinking was right. You honestly don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Hell, we were in a bar and I had a bunch of older friends with beer and fruity drinks openly within my reach and the only thing that I was drunk off of was the happiness at the fact I made them laugh. And that they thought I was a cool kid. It’s sort of at the point where I don’t even know if I’ll drink when I’m of age. Well, I might have a champagne or a beer sometime when I’m in my twenties, but I really don’t see the point of getting hammered when I’m sure it feels so much cooler and real just to be accepted. And getting high off that feeling doesn’t cause you to wake up with a headache and a call to your ex-boyfriend in your outbox. :)
Oh, and I learned to use a drill yesterday. Yes, I’m aware, random right after a deep moment of how I don’t need alcohol, but it was awesome :) After our finale matinee, it was time to strike the set (Actor Speak Definition. Strike stuh-RIKE noun/verb n: the event at the end of a show where all the techies and actors come together to rip apart set pieces and put the stage back to the beautiful state in which they found it. V: 2. the action of striking. The use of it in a sentence would include We need to go to strike and You need to strike that house before we take the lighting down. Food is not always provided, yet is STRONGLY recommended)
Wow. It took me ten minutes to write that whole definition thing. I have to stop doing that. XD Anyway, I was with Ben and a few other huge bulky guys, attempting to help them dismantle the set piece used for Jud’s shed. They got everything on top of the turntable regardless of the fact some of the screws would NOT come out. But that was okay, most of the ones that wouldn’t come out, Ben ripped out with his bare hands. I kid you not. He’s really a huge teddy bear and really funny and nice, but there are some things he can to with those muscles that make me REALLY happy he’s my friend.
Beside the point though. The point is, that Ben, being the 8 foot tall, bulky mass of muscle he is, always randomly gave me crap about being short. Every time he walked by during strike he was like ‘Thank you short one’ or ‘Hey little girl’ or ‘Would you please hold this tiny person?’ and each time I held back a Big Foot joke…mainly because it didn’t occur to me until just now. Son of a bitch that would’ve been so perfect!!! Anyway, when we got to the very base of the shack, where we’d taken down the walls and it was just the middle of the turntable elevated on a platform with legs, we hit a problem. The middle piece of the turntable would NOT come off. And we needed it got to dismantle the rest of the pieces.
“It’s not budging,” Ben said. “Hey Alexx, could you look under there and see if along this row is screwed in?” I said yes and crawled under the shack to inspect the piece of wood he’d just acknowledged.
“Yeah. Right along here.” A drill slide across the floor underneath the shed, stopping just a few feet from the side of my calf.
“There you go,” Ben said. Let me this opportunity to say I’ve never used a drill. In my life. Until then.
But guess who figured it out and then proceeded to dismantle at least three set pieces using only her handy yellow drill? Yup, your cousin :) It’s scarily empowering when you unscrew stuff for the first time. Even though in the words of one of the techies, you could light a cigarette with the screws when the first come out. That I found out very quickly.
But you know what’s even more empowering than being able to teach yourself how to use a drill in under a minute? Realizing this. There was no way in hell Ben could’ve squeezed under the shed. That’s right. That dork NEEDED my tinyness!!! :D
Of course, I remained humble though and did not comment on this fact…mainly because I couldn’t think of a joke worthy enough to figuratively smack him in the face for all those short stabs. :)
Uggh, I really want to talk to you, but it’s really late, and I’ve already had to type this letter so I can actually have one done and be able to send you a letter. I’ll keep it in and call you tomorrow. I hope everything gets better for you. I know you’re probably dealing with the problems you’re going through a lot more maturely than I could, but I still hope it gets better for you. Just promise me one thing.
Okay, the SECOND Rachel calls you, make it one hundred percent clear to her that I never gave her permission to leave Ohio. Tell her she has to come back immediately and get her permission slip signed before she leaves again. Pssst, there will be no permission slip :)

Love you Katie! Call you tomorrow,

P.S By the way, it hit me a few minutes ago when I tore through my room in a fruitless search for my orange notebook that I still have your birthday present. What’s even funnier is the fact I’ve had it for about a month and it still isn’t wrapped. I should do that sometime tomorrow…yeah that would probably be a good idea…

July 1st, 2009
Dear Katie,
I had a random urge to do something with my life today. Out of nowhere you know? One of those things where you just sit up and go “You know what bitch? Carpe Diem! I’m makin’ today great!” Then you remember you’re a fourteen-year-old suburban girl with no car. Sort of puts a damper on your plans...
This is why I figured I should write you a letter instead of being lazy. I’m sorry I’m typing it again. It’s faster and I lost my favorite pen (along with my orange notebook) so I figured this would be the lesser of two evils between writing a letter on the computer vs. writing one on the back of my old to do list. Not that I did much today in the first place. My mom was out all day so I had to watch Evan and attempt to at least somewhat clean my room. You know, the intense level of crap I have is really criminal. I don’t know where half of the stuff laying on my closet floor came from really. Someone needs to set a law that is something along the lines of “Okay, you’re a human and you weigh this much, this is the list of the amount of stuff you can clog the world’s space with.” I think I need to have a yard sale or something, considering that my dresser has formed a mind of its own and something could be living in my closet and I wouldn’t know.
Oh well, I had fun yesterday though. I went to see Transformers with Gaby, Adrienne, and Jon, all of whom are SCPA friends that I haven’t seen since school let out. It was pretty amazing in IMAX, though we determined that dialogue made up two, maybe three pages of the script. The rest was action and stuff blowing up. Oh, and you’ll never guess who showed up in the exact same theater at the exact same time for the exact same movie. Half the Oklahoma cast :) Yep, Ben and Kelly were standing at the snack counter when I came in. John was a few feet ahead of me when I bought my ticket. I caught up with all of them afterwards and talked about the movie and witnessed Ben make fun of John with a fancy accent when he said he wanted to go to a sushi place and then Starbucks. Don’t worry if that doesn’t sound funny in the slightest possible way, you really had to be there. And Kelly made me feel like a completely cool kid when I told her my mom was here to pick me up and I couldn’t go with them to Friday’s afterwards.
“Well, bye,” I said, hugging her and thinking this would probably be the last time I’d see her. “I’ll miss you guys.” “Oh, you’ll see us again!” Kelly told me. “I promise! Just email me!”
Ah, yet another stupid thing that makes me crazy happy. She’s someone who I think is incredibly cool and she actually wants to see me again. Yay. I feel loved J
The only problem is I can’t do anything with them unless it’s in less than two weeks. Oh my God New York in less than two weeks! Ah!!!! Yes, I know I’ve probably already brought this up to you when you called me, but I can’t believe the thing I’ve panicked about since March is this close. That, and the fact that one of the only productive things I did today was make a list of all the things I have to do before I go. One of which is list the numbers of all the things I can check off my bucket list in those two weeks. And I should probably add ‘Give Katie her birthday present’ on there too, considering I really need to give you that and before I go is a good deadline...
It still isn’t wrapped. I should probably take care of that...
By the way, I think all I’ll be able to buy when we go shopping is a dress, mascara that I need, and some cheap eye shadow because I’m trying to save every cent I have for NYC. I can’t wait Katie! I’m freaking out, but I can’t wait! I have so many things I want to do! I have to get Tabari a kickass present! I have to buy a dress in The Village! I have to throw a paper plane off the Empire State Building!...I don’t even know if that’s legal, but I need to do it! And I’ll write to you as much as I can, every single day. I’ll send you postcards and tag you on Facebook when I get back and upload all the pictures. I’ll tell you about every crazy city kid, talented music nerd, and cut throat director I meet. I’ll list all the best places to eat, shop, and see. Then maybe when I’m eighteen we can go together and hit the spots. By then you’ll definitely have a job and be able to live there. After all, I remember you told me you can’t go there unless you’re going to live there. Which will probably be my problem. I’m afraid that I’m going to fall so in love with it, I won’t want to leave. :)

Gotta go. Love you! Write back!

So that's the jist of the past week or so. Don't even be bothered by the thing about the cabin though. All you really need to know there is that we shot a Barbie out of a spud launcher and then proceeded to shoot her down to sinking point with a .22. Yep. Epicness...however I have the strange feeling it's going to come up in therapy in a couple years XD

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