Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hehehehe 9/9/09 :)

Why is it that whenever my life speeds up my writing is the first thing to go? Why can't it be something sensible like my exercise or healthy eating? :)
Anyway, I really am sorry I've dumped my blog since I've started school. It's just I was dropped into sophmore year and everything started happening so fast! Suddenly after months of sleeping in and lacking initiative, out of nowhere, all my friends are not only availiable to me again, but so were auditions, and electives, and...unfortunately, homework. It went from me lounging around the house all day long to leaving my house at seven am and being lucky if I get home at 8. It's insane! It's craziness!...
But please understand that if my posts are scarce, I still love you guys! I'm just living xD

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  1. hey ya, alexy! i'm on holiday so i'm posting like mad! lol! but a few months ago, i kind of stopped blogging cause i was busy! like you, right now. hope you won't stop blogging for good. enjoy life, and good luck with your auditions!