Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eve Ensler and the Tapioca Monster

Ugggh, my stupid freaking life. I've been trapped in the house all day long while my mom is at weaving class, counting down the hours until four o'clock when I get to go to Wren's house. A minute ago I called each of my parents to determine who was driving me. The earliest either of them can get me there is five, giving me a whopping amount of barely three hours with my boyfriend. Grrrrrrr...
I must try to distract myself though. I do have a lot of work to do, that is true. I may as well make my to do list and attempt to check some things off before I have to tell Wren the shitty news that our time got cut back. AGAIN. Grrr....must make list!

To Do List For The Date of March 24th
1. Try to magically use the law of attraction to get one of my parent's home early
2. Pick the Bucket List item you need to work on. (I mean I only have 1,675 along with the options in all the books I own. Not too hard to whittle down right?)
3. Finish reading Our Town
4. Figure out where to get a copy of the play you actually SHOULD be reading. (Greater Tuna anyone?)
5. Start memorizing the Durang monologue for acting class so Roth will continue to worship the ground you walk on. Also try to find a copy of Because He Liked To Look At It which they couldn't get to you and make some headway in memorizing Protect Your Pocketbook (Yeeeah, what many of you don't know because I've been absent for so long is that I'm currently in a student directed production of The Vagina and Pocketbook Monologues to help these two girls with their senior projects. And I'm loving how The Pocketbook Monologues are supposed to be strong wonderful pieces to empower black women and my director has split the monologue Protect Your Pocketbook between two white girls...and my director's black. Yep. I've decided it's best not to question and just be thankful I have a job. Besides...it's a cool monologue)
6. Scrub your teeth until they bleed....well maybe not until they bleed, because that would stain them again.
7. Type up a new post (Check)
8. Read through all of that college application material and try to determine if there's anything you can do as a sophomore to get your butt into a good school
9. Finish drinking the bubble tea you got yesterday in Clifton (Ewww, this may be the only one I don't have the heart to finish. But then again I have to. Otherwise if left in my fridge too long, the tapioca bubbles could band together and rise up into an unstoppable force hell bent on taking over, first my house then THE WORLD!!! Yeah, I don't want to die at the hands of a tapioca beast. I should just suck it up and drink that)
10. Upload all those pictures to Facebook and then try to write a song. Anything to distract you from how badly you want out of this house!!!


  1. Bubble tea really creeps me out. I've never tried it but it just seems so weird to me.

  2. haha... leftover bubble tea sounds like a bad idea.

    thank you for your lovely comments!

  3. lol...yeah, I make myself to do lists all the time but I always forget where I put them! xxooxoxxoxo