Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Funderful Romp With The Wonderful Rachella

After the invasion of my friends on Friday, yesterday I had a wonderfully, quiet day with Rachel Schwarz...
Ha. that's hard to even type with a straight face :)
The fact is that mere hours after my friends partied at my house on Friday, Rachel was outside in her blue Camero making it clear we were going to see Alice in Wonderland. After throwing her brother off to play with my brother, we sped off to Chipotle where we recounted our mystical weeks and awkward friends over burritos and veggie bowls. After that we shot over to Springdale to catch the 6:30 show. There were some obnoxious kids that kept running back and forth all over the theatre, but we were talking the whole movie anyway about our connection to the characters and our deep sexual urges for Johnny Depp :) But somehow even after Chipotle, we were starving when we left.
Jungle Jim's anyone?
We thought it was appropriate and armed with a twenty and various gift cards we ran through the market talking in exposing Rachel to the Robin Hood tree, romping through the beer cave, and talking in British accents nearly the entire time after seeing a tea pot with a Union Jack sticker. Leaving armed with Starbucks, candy, and cheesecake on a stick we decided to take on our most recent mission.
Find a DVD of the musical Hair.
Being the closet hippies we are, (or with me maybe not so closeted) we ran through Meijer in mad search of our favorite anti establishment musical...
We left with Swan Princess and a Disney coloring book instead :)
And we stayed up until two commenting on how Prince Derek didn't start to love Odette until she grew boobs.
I love Rachel Schwarz :)


  1. Ah, great to see you writing again!! Haha, your friend sounds like such a brilliant character - and too true about the Swan Princess too!!
    Also, "I Love you, you're perfect, now change" is SHEER BRILLIANCE - you'll adore it!


  2. Oh my gosh... totally sounds like how my friends and I used to be back in the day. So fun!

  3. hey! you're back! i'm so glad you're back and that you had fun during your blogging absence. :)
    i didn't quite enjoy alice in wonderland, most probably because i've never read/watched the original (and the other versions of) alice in wonderland before so i had very high expectations for the movie. i had expected to witness a magical and dreamy satire but instead, i was served with a typical story; good prevails over evil. i loved the special effects and make up and costumes though and of course, who can resist watching johhny's ever changing character.

    i love hair! did you watch it yet? i hope you have and i hope that you'll enjoy it as much as i did.

    and as for the gift cards, yep. you, rachella and i can probably have free food everyday, the hippies way. i remember the time when i had no money at all for the whole week, gift cards and food vouchers saved my life.