Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's A Long Paisley Hippie Dress Type of Day

Now today is what felt like the first day of spring. :)

Today in Cincinnati it was a sunny, temperate, beautiful day. It started out with me dragging myself out of bed at ten o'clock (Sleeping in CHA-CHING) and watching Ellen with my mother. She then dropped me off at the most magical place in the world.The library :)
Call me a geek, but libraries evoke almost a spiritual response in me. I feel safe and wonderful in libraries.
After checking out about ten books my mother picked me up and we sped off to Applebees where we excessively overate and talked about women who gossip about the two of us...who were sitting a table away x) We then retrieved my brother and both of us got home we had a rousing plastic sword fight (Which I most definitely won) after which I was feeling much like Wendy from Peter Pan :) After that we sat on the porch and drank pink lemonade...right before two ADORABLE girls from Evan's school came a calling! :D I sang Hunk-a-Hunk-of-Burnin'-Love ALL day long just to rub in the fact I know Evan still thinks they had cooties ;)

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