Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Jesus Zombie Day!! :D

I personally think I look quite lovely sideways

I should've known everything would go crazy once the universe realized I was trying to post regularly again. Interesting how it always does that. Actually the universe really has not been a fan of mine lately. For instance, on Monday I have to face the wrath of my senior director for The Vagina Monologues because I have to miss a photo shoot on Thursday to do something for and actual drama teacher. She called and blew up on me and my mom. I'm at the point where I'm really hoping she kicks me out.
But I've been dwelling on this problem enough and the energy to worry is tiring, so we're going to talk about something happy.
Jesus Zombie Day :)
Or as it is known in layman's terms, Easter. This is the day we celebrate Jesus's rise from the dead by hiding plastic eggs filled with candy and committing homicide on our siblings trying to collect the most. Well, at least that's how it works in my family :) Every Easter morning it's a horrid race between me and my brother, dashing through our yard, scrounging for whatever sign of a plastic egg we can find. We've ended the morning with a massive amount of candy and $5 dollars each...courtesy of my dad since he didn't help my mom hide the eggs :) And now once I upload a picture of our lovely morning and before I go to my grandmother's I am going to waltz downstairs and watch a lovely, wonderful family friendly easter movie...
Sherlock Holmes :)
Happy Easter everyone!!!


  1. you are lovely sideways!

    jesus zombie, ha, nice Simpsons reference


  2. I think you look pretty gorgeous sideways =-)