Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Imma G Imma G Imma Imma Imma G :)

Guess who just planned one of her friends' suprise birthday party OUT OF NOWHERE?!
Alexx did!
Yeah, me and my friend Rannie have been planning a suprise party for our friend Craig off and on and we just realized it was Friday and we hadn't done anything other than invite people. And in under an hour while talking to her we just choreographed an entire plan for Friday. Oh yeah ;)
Though Rannie has busted her ass on this way more than me. Everyone have a round of applause for Rannie please. Yes, I know you're at your computers, clap for her anyway. She is also a G. We're hoping to be the suprise party duo in the future :)
In other news, I'm aware of my lack of blogging skills. Again. I think the Blogger community should come together as one and flog me. I truly do love my blog, but I'm so busy all the time it's crazy.
So let's see, recent news. I am out for the wonderful hiatus known as summer vacation. Which is quite relaxing, yet amazingly hot at certain times. I attempted to walk around the neighborhood were my boyfriend lives, but halfway home we called his mom to come and save us before we died of heat stroke. Because we're such enduring children like that :) Though in our defense we did make it all the way to a shopping center by his house! He bought me a panda :)
Oh and I crossed #96 on my Bucket list! I CONQUERED MY FEAR OF ROLLER COASTERS! :D Last month my school took all the kids who passed the OGTs to Kings Island and I BECAME A RIDE WARRIOR.
I rode Diamondback, the biggest coaster in the park.
WIN :)

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  1. oh, cool! thought you had abandoned this blog. peace :)