Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 2 am Everybody!

Yep. It's two am. And I have a lot to do tomorrow.
Funny how I've already made more progress than I typically do if I have a full night's rest.
Seriously though, I'm forcing myself to go into super working mode. I don't have that much summer left (sheds tear) and I need to cram in work and fun if I want to have fond and wonderful memories. But unfortunately business is first.
NUMBA 1. I must beg my mother to let me sleepover at Adrienne's on Friday due to the fact I need out of this house and I love and miss that girl
NUMBA 2. For AP summer reading I have to summarize a New Yorker and Washington post article and begin my essay on Henry David Thoreau's Walden. (Which if any of you have read, a synopsis would be nice)
NUMBA 3. (Annoyed with my spelling yet? :) Scour my room for things that are useless to me that I can give to charity
NUMBA 4. Memorize my lines for Metamorphoses so I'm set when I get back to school
NUMBA 5. Detirmine exactly how this 16th birthday of mine is going to work.
NUMBA 6. Make banana bread. AND CAKE because I've been craving that forever
NUMBA 7. Pray for a happy end to summer

You know, I should really probably get some sleep

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