Thursday, August 12, 2010


My summer's almost over :( I'm a little disappointed because I think this year has been my favorite. All I did was relax and party and hang out with people that I never get to see. I am a little depressed though. Oh well. Junior year should be fun :) I have to get pumped! So here are the reasons I should be hella pumped for junior year.

Reasons That Going Back To School Will Not Suck
1. All of my friends and the new ones I'll be making
2. Salsa on the Square with my friends when I get back!...hopefully x)
3. My birthday is in 13 days! :)
4. My Super Sweet Moulin Rouge 16th birthday is in 16 days :)
5. The constant amount of plays I'll be in
6. More partying with my friends
7. My liscense
8. I'm officially allowed to date my boyfriend! Like a normal person! YES!
9. One word. Prom :)
10. All the items on my Bucket List for me to check off...

You know what? Maybe I shouldn't be bummed that summer is over. It's just a new beginning :)


  1. lol have fun driving with your new licence. and happy birthday in advance!

  2. aww i loved going back to school, perfect excuse to splurge on new stationary!

  3. good luck this year

    prom, what's prom? :P


  4. Hey come back to blogging!!!